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Providing your employees with coffee is a great way to show them you appreciate them and to help boost their productivity. As part of our Office Coffee Service and Breakroom Division, at Global Office Solutions, we offer numerous flavors of coffee from more than 200 brands. Our main brand of choice is Swiss Mountain Coffee.


Local Coffee At Its Finest


Packaged in Michigan and Florida, Swiss Mountain Coffee is a Global Office Solution’s staff favorite. It’s:


Good for consumers: The crew at Swiss Mountain strives to choose coffee beans that are sustainably grown. They are environmentally friendly and don’t use harmful pesticides or chemicals.


Good for farmers: Because Swiss Mountain beans are sustainably grown, the company works with Fair Trade farmers who can pay their workers better wages, thus improving their lifestyles.


Good for the environment: Swiss Mountain farmers grow the finest coffee beans in a healthy environment that’s chemical-free. The beans are created in harmony with nature – something we can appreciate.



According to a poll given by CareerBuilder and Dunkin Donuts:

  • 55 percent of workers in the U.S. admitted to drinking at least one cup of coffee during the work day, while 61 percent of those who drink coffee help themselves to two or more.
  • One in three workers say they’re less productive if they forego their daily caffeine intake.
  • 59 percent of workers would rather have a coffee break than a snack break at work
    (CareerBuilder, Sept. 2013). 


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