The History of Global Office Solutions

When a young native Michigan boy met a young Indiana girl who moved with her family to the Detroit area in the 7th grade, they never thought they would start dating, fall in love, start a business, get married and have a big family of 4 kids, 3 dogs and 2 birds while keeping the business moving forward. And that is exactly what happened to Jill and Reuben Levy who started Global Office Solutions in 1998!


Reuben got his start in office supplies from the very young age of 15 when he started working at a small office supply company in 1988. After graduating high school, he started in outside sales for the company and during this time, he started dating his future wife and business partner, Jill, at 19, who was focused on getting her Business & Finance degree from Walsh College.


Jill and Reuben were dating for 6 years when they decided to start Global Office Solutions together in 1998 when they were both 25.

With Reuben using his experience from working in the industry for 7 years to focus on sales, and Jill using her working experience and Business degree from Walsh College to manage the accounting and operations, they started out of the house they lived in, using the garage for the warehouse, the living and family rooms for their offices and a used beat up white panel van for deliveries!


Fast forward to today and Global Office Solutions has two locations which are located in downtown Detroit and Novi, Mi, which is about 30 minutes north east of downtown Detroit. Global is one of the largest and fastest growing Business Solution Companies in the Detroit, MI area. Global is a member of a multi-Billion dollar buying consortium and serves clients throughout the United States and Canada through a distribution network of 42 nationwide distribution centers. Global is also a member of AOPD, a national organization made up of the top 70 privately held Business Supply Company’s in the U.S. providing national next day delivery with local superior service. By offering technology driven unique solutions, personalized shopping experiences, and billions in purchasing strength, Global provides the lowest overall cost and the most amazing customer service experience for all their clients.

We are Passionate about helping our Clients be efficient, be effective and be successful with what they do!

Products We Offer

Delivering Awesomeness Since 1998

  • NEXT DAY FREE DELIVERY available on over 100,000 products, including office supplies.
  • 16 million sq. ft. of sophisticated multi-site distribution and warehousing
  • Full online multi-site ordering and procurement systems
  • 99.82% Inventory Accuracy Rate – 99.2% Fill Rate
  • Complete backup and disaster recovery program

Diversity Purchasing Program

Global Office Solutions and Motor City Office Solutions have partnered to bring our clients a full Tier One Diversity Purchasing Program. This program offers full Tier One purchasing for companies looking to help promote diversity in their supplier base.