Office Water Service

Supplying Your Office With Purified Water

The importance of serving clean, purified water in the office cannot be understated. Your employees need to stay hydrated if you want them to stay productive. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get purified water, sign up for Global Office Solutions’ On-Demand office water service!


With our filtered water coolers, you can serve clean water to your employees and save money in the process. Our coolers purify the water, and prevent bacteria and other microorganisms from growing inside. Our filters remove chlorine, odor, taste and sediment. We have a full line of water filters if you are experiencing hard water, lead, or any other issues.

With these coolers in your office, the thought of drinking pure tap water will never cross your mind again.


Water Service Alternatives

If you are looking to up your competitors who are trying to poach your great employees, do not fret. Keep your employees working for you with added benefits, such as our flavored and carbonated water solutions. Buy a full line of any canned or bottled drinks you can think of.

We also deliver water bottles directly to your worksite and have custom programs to logo these bottles. Bottles are available in the following sizes: 8 oz. and 16.9 oz.

Benefits of an Office Water Delivery Service

Office employees will enjoy having an office water service. Here are a few of the benefits the service provides:

Water Boosts Productivity

Studies have linked hydration with strong cognitive abilities. Employees who are well-hydrated have an easier time staying focused at work, and can get more work done. Serving office water is a great way to help employees work to the best of their ability.

In addition, employees will not have to leave the office if they need to get a drink. This gives employees more time to work on important projects.

Coolers Create a Cooperative Workspace

Water coolers are perfect for getting employees to engage with each other. Everyone needs to get a drink during the day, so the water cooler is the perfect place for employees to meet face-to-face. 

This opens a channel for employees from different departments to talk with each other. As employees spend more time together, company morale improves. This makes it easier for workers to collaborate in the future. 

Use our water delivery service as a way to foster a productive, friendly environment for your employees. 

Water Keeps Workers Healthy & Happy

People that stay hydrated during the day will feel better about themselves. Providing water in your office is a great way to keep your employees motivated during the work week. 

Also, having a water filtration system ensures that the water you serve is as clean as possible. This keeps employees from getting sick, and ensures everyone stays in the office. 

Free Water is a Great Benefit

Some people may view your office water service as a great benefitFor example, employees may enjoy getting free bottles of water. An effective water service can help make your business attractive to people looking for work. 

Being able to serve drinks also makes your business more welcoming to clients. 

Contact us today to learn more about our office water service.