Why Should You Buy Local?

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Although buying local may seem like an action that is so simple, it makes a huge impact on local communities. Before you think about shopping at a company that is more than a bike ride away from your home, consider these benefits of buying local.

Buying Local Helps the Environment

When you make purchases from businesses that are not local, more transportation is required which means more fuel, which means — more air pollution. And then there’s packaging for shipping. When products need to be shipped, more packing wastes are produced.

Buying local means that your company can consolidate their delivery routes to a specific area, helping to save on fuel costs and carbon emissions. Excessive packaging to ensure products don’t break while in transit with mail carriers is not necessary.

Buying Local Strengthens the Economy

Buying local creates jobs and circulates money throughout the local community. As noted The Assessment of Economic Advantages at Shopping at Locally Owned Businesses from Michigan State University, small businesses employ more than 52 percent of the nation’s employees. The assessment also noted that since 2003, small businesses have played a vital role in job creation, adding more than 5.1 million new jobs to our economy.

Buying Local Means Better Customer Service.

7 out 10 companies provide coffee for free to their employees. So we say, if it is free, why not make it amazing also, because everyone loves amazing coffee! Providing your employees with fantastic coffee is a great way to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and to help boost their productivity.

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