Designing Commercial Interiors

Interior Solutions that Work with Your Budget & Satisfy Your Team

Innovative design and productive ingenuity lead the concepts behind all the furnishings we provide. Furniture should provide comfort, but it also needs to blend with the organization of a workspace. We represent several lines that include industry-specific furniture brands. Commercial interiors are a key part of our solution-driven approach to space planning and budget savings, so let us provide you with excellent solutions for your next workspace project.

Design & Delivery to Drive Your Workspace into the Future

Our team is passionate about providing effective space solutions. Office interior design projects have many moving parts, and effective communication is mandatory if you want to manage them all. Our Commercial Interiors Administrator will partner with members of your team, including architects, designers, and project managers, to create an effective workspace that meets your every need.


We can help with space planning, specifications, design, development, furniture installation, and finish selection. Our professional delivery crew will make sure furniture gets delivered when and where you want it. If you need your brand new chairs assembled, just ask! We can also schedule installation based on your job requirements.


Your future will look brighter with our commercial interior solutions!

Commercial Interior Options

Browse ahead and see how the team at Global Office Solutions works with different types of interiors!

modern city cubicle with filing cabinets, desk and chair

Individual Spaces

The modern workplace is evolving, and the size of individual spaces is being reduced to make room for collaborative team spaces. Because of this there is a current demand for individual spaces to work smarter, while providing access to technology, power, and effective storage options. We offer a wide selection of stylish, multifunctional systems that balance the needs of individual workers while complementing the modern workspace.

large office with classic wooden shelving, bookcase and desk

Private Offices

Open floor plans are still in high demand in the modern workplace, but the need for individual offices is still prominent for most companies. The traditional private office often created artificial barriers for employee interaction and included large, heavy furniture. The modern private space adapts to an evolving work dynamic and offers better form and function.

office meeting room, with desk, tv and two workers

Collaborative Spaces

Organizations need to have appropriate collaborative spaces to support the needs of a generationally diverse workforce. Workspaces with various levels of privacy, seating options, natural light, and access to personnel can provide workers the ability to collaborate more efficiently. When workspaces are designed to support the collaborative environment, this leads to learning, innovation, and faster decision-making for your entire team.

classroom with movable desks, chairs and large whiteboards


Let us help you find the perfect furniture and equipment for your modern classroom. We have a broad selection of furniture that can encourage collaboration and promote creativity, while being compatible with technology that can stimulate critical thinking. Seats, desks, tables, classroom storage, office storage, dry erase boards, easels, and more are available for purchase!

black sit-stand desk with Imac computer


Ergonomics is about wellbeing; it is about designing something with purpose and comfort in mind. When your workplace furniture is the right fit, workers are more comfortable working on tasks, and they are less likely to become fatigued.

People are more productive if their workspace adjusts to the different ways they work. As a result, ergonomic principles have been applied to a wide range of our commercial interior products. These products help reduce eyestrain, improve posture, and encourage movement. Ergonomic design is good for business, and that is a fact.

stone and wooden conference table, three chairs, phone and laptop


The table is never going to stop being a centralized staple among workplace furniture. Tables are getting more versatile to fit the needs of the modern office. In many workplaces, flexibility is often necessary to accommodate training or education in multipurpose rooms. Some tables integrate power options that allow you to make presentations, hold conferences, and make online access quick and easy. Some adjust in size or alignment for different uses. Others just need to have the perfect look for a lobby or conference room. Whatever table you need, we will have a solution that works for you!

plastic and metal storage furniture


Everyone could use more storage space. No matter how much physical space is saved by virtual storage on our computers and online servers, there are still tons of hard copies, folders, binders, books, and boxes that need their own spaces for storage. Global Office Solutions offers modern and practical storage solutions, from bins and shelves to carts, cases, and cabinets.

We provide a broad range of styles and features that will keep your workspace organized and functional.

white L-shaped desk, white chair and large white shelves and drawers


Seating choices are essential to an employee’s productivity and wellbeing. Chairs that adjust to a user’s size and personal preferences can improve posture and minimize stress in key areas, including the spine, legs, lower body, wrists, shoulders, and neck. We also offer seating solutions for specific settings, such
as educational facilities, that have their own unique requirements. From executive chairs and lounge chairs, to guest chairs and more, working with Global Office Solutions will allow you to satisfy your seating needs.