Janitorial Supplies

for Managing All of Your Facility’s Needs

The appearance of your facility is important, so you need housekeeping products that will keep your facilities looking good and your building occupants safe and healthy. We offer an extensive selection of bio-based, third party certified cleaning products and portion-controlled dispensing systems.

Our selection of EPA registered disinfectant products are designed to clean, sanitize, and disinfect hard surfaces in your facility. We also offer various dispensing options for disinfectants to help with portion control, worker safety, and reduced cross contamination. If a virus has spread in your facility, you can use our disinfecting and mitigation services to have them cleared out.

We will work to deliver solutions that suit the exact needs of your facility. It does not matter if your goal is enhancing your image, implementing sustainable solutions, increasing productivity, improving the overall health of your staff, or reducing your total costs; we can help you. Our team and our vendor partners are constantly exploring new ideas, and we will work to deliver the most innovative janitorial products and solutions to your company.

washing hands and washing toilet with yellow gloves

The Importance of Restroom Maintenance

Maintaining clean restrooms is essential to keeping customers and employees healthy and happy. Restroom products help achieve real user satisfaction with odor control, hand care, green cleaning, and infection control options. From room deodorizers to environmentally safe cleaning products, we take the stress out of restroom sanitation with a variety of effective janitorial solutions.

Hand Care Solutions:

Taking Measures Against Infection

You must be able to combat germs in the office if you want to keep your workers from getting sick. Our hand care products include a wide variety of hand soaps and sanitizers that reduce the spread of germs and promote good hand hygiene. We can provide your workplace with trusted Purell™ products, and many other dispenser and soap options from brands you can trust. We have touch-free and manual dispensers available, both with foam or lotion soap options, both of which offer excellent quality. Our solutions will help your hands, promote better hygiene, and reduce the spread of illness!

washing hands with suds
person in hazmat suit mixing chemicals in warehouse

Dilution Control:

Improve Efficiency & Cut Costs

When cleaning chemicals are not accurately diluted, you end up wasting time, money, and products. Modern dispensing systems have been engineered to simplify the process of using them. Our dilution control systems work with a large range of cleaning products, so they can meet all of you facility’s cleaning needs. We have single and multiple product dispensing units that can match your requirements, and wall-mounted or portable options for wherever dilution control is needed.

Green Solutions

That Grow to meet Your Sustainability Needs

We provide sustainable solutions that improve and grow over time, because we stay committed to the wellbeing of our clients. Our solutions are guaranteed to bring you sustainable value for years. The health and wellbeing of the environment is as important as your facility’s occupants. If just being environmentally sound or L.E.E.D. certified is your goal, our team is ready to provide the janitorial solutions necessary to carry out these goals.

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