Safety Products & Equipment

Why We Care About Safety

At Global Office Solutions, we care about providing companies with appropriate safety equipment, because a safe work environment contributes to a productive and successful business for our clients. Our clients love the safety equipment we provide, because an increase in safety compliance leads to lower costs (thanks to reduced workers’ compensation expenses, insurance costs, medical bills, lost time, etc.). We are happy to offer our clients the best safety products on the market.

What We Provide

We care about helping our clients create safe work environments. Schedule a site visit today, so we can evaluate your facility and discuss your safety needs directly. Onsite safety training is also available with certain equipment purchases. In addition, we provide a variety of safety products that decrease employee injuries and reduce employers’ expenses.

What We Supply

You can shop from a large range of personal protection equipment, including work gloves, safety glasses, earmuffs or plugs, respirators, coveralls, hair nets, shoe covers, support wear, pads, safety vests, and hard hats. In addition, we also offer AEDs, first aid cabinets and kits, safety signs, indoor and outdoor mats, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and more. Login to our store and browse our selection of quality safety equipment.

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