Fast Acting Disinfectant

OMNI ShurGuard’s fast acting hydrogen peroxide formula disinfects high-touch surfaces (killing viruses & bacteria) in 1 minute.

OMNI ShurGuard Fast Acting Disinfectant 

Breakrooms, bathrooms and public-facing reception areas are constantly exposed to germs. These high-touch surfaces need to be cleaned as quickly as possible to avoid the spread of illness and disease throughout your workplace. 


Many commonly-used disinfectants take up to 10 minutes before they are effective. Once these other disinfectants are applied to a surface, they need to sit for the entire 10 minutes drying, be wiped up and only then the surfaces are safe again. 


10 minutes isn’t practical for most businesses, leaving them to wipe up the disinfectants before they’re finished. This puts everyone at risk. 


As the trusted retailer who brought you the air purifying Spiro and UV technology-based Aura, OMNI ShurGuard offers an alternative to traditional disinfectants: a virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide and sanitizer rolled into one that is effective almost instantly.  


The ready-to-use disinfectant kills viruses in just one minute. 


In 60 seconds, your countertops, cash registers and waiting rooms can be safe again. Bathrooms can be cleaned in between uses (even in public places) and breakrooms can be safely accessed by employees within minutes. 


OMNI’s patented disinfectant formula that is fast acting and eco-friendly. OMNI ShurGuard has been approved by the EPA and is safe to use in any environment.

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