Temperature Check Products That Accurately Detect Fevers 

We’re all itching to get back to normal, but to do so, we’ll need to take extra precautions. Fevers are one of the signature symptoms of COVID-19, the flu and other illnesses that cause a spike in body temperature. Checking people’s body temperature before they enter your workplace or throughout an event may help to prevent the spread of dangerous viruses.

Infrared thermometers are perfect for businesses that see a high influx of customers or the general public, including:

  • Event spaces
  • Restaurants
  • Sport stadiums
  • Large office buildings

By using infrared thermometers, you can begin to invite employees and customers back into your space with less risk.

Thermopass Wrist Thermometer Scanner

Use individually or as part of a complete thermometer scanning station. When attached to multiple stanchions this station can scan the temperatures of 100 people each minute.

Benefits of using an infrared wrist thermometer include:

  • Easy to use wrist swipe to record temperatures
  • Can scan large crowds quickly & efficiently when combined with stanchions
  • Automatically remind individuals to take their own temperatures, alert them when they miss a temperature reading and when an abnormal temperature is recorded
  • Operate 3X faster than hand held thermometers
  • And much more.
Wrist Thermometer Scanner

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

The FDA recommends using non-contact infrared thermometers because they can reduce the risk of spreading illness, they’re easy to clean & disinfect and you can use them to retake temperature as often as needed.

Using infrared technology, these thermometers can point and scan body temperatures without ever coming into physical contact, reducing the risk of spreading contagious viruses during use.

Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers

OneScreen GoSafe: AI Based Temperature Scanner & Entryway Management Device

Using highly advanced technology, the OneScreen GoSafe scanner uses AI to quickly determine body temperatures. This no-contact, highly efficient system can mitigate the risks of highly trafficked entryways by determining who is entering, if they are wearing the proper PPE and whether they have an elevated body temperature, leaving your workplace safer and more secure.

OneScreen GoSafe

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From PPE to electrostatic sprayers and EPA approved sanitizers and dispensers, we can help you keep your business clean, welcoming and safe for everyone.