Virus Disinfecting & Mitigation Services

Viruses can live on survive on flat surfaces weeks after they’ve made their way into a facility. For something as insidious as the coronavirus, of which the symptoms don’t often surface for at least two weeks, this is extremely dangerous.


One time deep cleans are not enough, so we’ve worked on a solution to help local businesses. Through our work with Motor City Office Solutions, Global Office Solutions can provide virus disinfecting and mitigation services for businesses in the Detroit Metro area.


By having professional cleaners thoroughly sanitize buildings, we can be proactive in reducing the spread of dangerous viruses, including the coronavirus.

Total Cleaning Solutions for Your Facility

To ensure a complete wipe of viruses, we use CDC-approved and EPA-registered disinfectants for our cleaning jobs. Our disinfectants are applied using electric atomizers that create 22-46 micron size droplets, which can stay in the air for long periods. This ensures that the solutions hit every surface in the facility and can stay on them for enough time.

We make sure the disinfectants stick for over 10 minutes to make sure that everything gets a thorough cleaning.

How Our Process Works

Before anything else is done, our professional cleaners with deal with dust and dirt lingering on flat surfaces so a proper cleansing can take place. All electronic devices are unplugged and stored so nothing is damaged as the process unfolds.

While applying our disinfectants, we’ll isolate any areas that get high traffic, including doorknobs, handles, and phones, among others. This ensures they get the thorough cleaning they need, while keeping the virus from spreading to other parts of the facility.

Any contaminated items or cleaning materials are disposed of properly after the process, using biohazard waste bags.

Our Specialists’ Protective Equipment

The safety of our staff is of the utmost importance. All our disinfecting specialists wear high quality protection equipment during every job.


Face Shields

Full Face-Piece Respirators

Protective Rubber Gloves

Once the job is complete, each specialist is properly sprayed down to ensure that no hazardous materials remain. Any non-reusable items are disposed of properly. To get a look at the equipment our specialists use, check here.

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If you’d like to take advantage of our disinfecting services, signing up is a simple process. Check the link below to download the proposal form. Once you’re finished, please email the form to We’ll work everything out with you from there.

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