Check Out Some 2022 Office Interior Design Trends

Office trends have changed significantly over the past few years. While 2021 focused heavily on safety, 2022 will focus heavily on functionality and comfort as more employees are working in offices again. Here are 5 design trends we are seeing for 2022: 

1. Nature is Vital

HON Westhill Scramble

Incorporate elements of nature throughout the office. Artificial lighting is out, calm and natural is in. 2022 is the time to incorporate wood-like elements and plants into the office. If you are feeling fancy, water elements (like adding a fish tank) can also bring nature into your office. 

Not sure if this trend is for you? A study conducted found greenery significantly increases workplace satisfaction in employees, heightens self-reported concentration levels, and improves perceived air quality. Sounds like a win to us! 

2. The Comfort of Home in the Office

HON Workwall

Employees have grown accustomed to working from home the past few years. However, a University of Michigan study showed that people spending more time interacting with others—talking, socializing, and connecting displayed improved mental function. What a great reason to get back into the office! 

However, we know that you may get resistance from employees that say they would rather work from home. Make their trip into the office a little bit warmer by bringing some comfort into the office for them. 

Comfortable seating is number one on the MUST HAVE list. Other comforts include plush carpeting, warm lighting, curtains, indoor plants (yes, again), and outdoor seating for the warmer months. 

3. Noise Reduction

HON Contain Cliq

While we do want employees to communicate and socialize, it does lead to increased noise. When there is a lot of noise, it can be hard for people to concentrate. Help your employees concentrate by actively reducing noise through design choices. Acoustic partitions and rugs can be sound absorbing materials that also bring more comfort into the office as well (see #2). With screen and tile options for walls, ceilings, and floors, noise can be reduced anywhere you need it.  

4. Flexible Workspace

HON Astir Birk

Employees no longer want to be at an assigned desk all day. In 2022, touchdown spaces will not only be an idea but will be a standard in offices nationwide. Providing options is key to a flexible workspace. Some employees may prefer a dedicated desk while others may prefer a more lounge type setting reminiscent of their living room. Flexible workspaces to accommodate all types of works provide more dedicated, efficient, and productive employees. 

 5. Easily Transformable Office

HON Huddle Flock

With a hybrid workforce, you may not know who will be in the office and when anymore. Ensure that your office can easily adapt for the day. Easily moveable furniture is key to ensure that everyone has a space to work as well as collaborate when needed. 

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