9 Crazy Coffee Facts

9 Crazy Coffee Facts

There are lots of names for coffee: cuppa, brew, dirt, high-test, java, joe, and mud. There are lots of ways to take your coffee: black, iced, light and sweet, milk and sugar, shot of espresso, half-calf, and non-fat. Whatever you call it or however you order it, people just love coffee. Here are some things you may not know about the world’s second favorite drinks (right behind water).

  • The beginning of coffee lore stared in Ethiopia. Shepherds saw that their goats where “dancing” after eating coffee berries and therefore realized they true effects of caffeine.

Origins of Coffee

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  • Coffee is actually a fruit! It comes from the pit of a berry.

Coffe is a Berry!

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  • King Charles II banned coffee in 1675. He believed coffee shops were where people were meeting to conspire against him.

Coffee Ban

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  • Espresso is not a type of coffee as most people think. It is just the way that the coffee is prepared where you shoot hot pressurized coffee through very finely ground coffee.


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  • You can swim in coffee in Japan. At the Yunessun Spa you can have coffee poured all over you.

Swimming in Coffee

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  • The first mass produced coffee was invented by George Washington. Even though they say it wasn’t very good, they still sent packages over to American Soldiers during WWI.

Coffee in War

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  • You can actually die from coffee. If you drink 100 cups, it is a lethal dose.

Coffee Can Kill

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  • NYC drinks the most coffee in the world. Actually New Yorkers consume 7 times more than everyone else.

New York Drinks the Most Coffee

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  • The world consumes over 500 billion cups of coffee a year. And almost half of those cups are drunk during breakfast.

Never Sleepy

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