Don’t Forget the Breakroom! Keep Yours Well-Stocked

Studies have shown that workers who take a lunch break every day score higher on a wide range of engagement metrics, including job satisfaction, efficiency, and likelihood to recommend to others. 

In addition, working in the office needs to be enticing these days, and a well-stocked breakroom could help seal the deal—with both current and prospective employees. Keeping employees happy can sometimes be as simple as having their favorite food or beverage stocked in the breakroom.  

Top Items 

There are many items that can transform a breakroom. Here are some of our top recommendations in key categories. 

Beverage & Food Service Supplies 

Make sure your office is stocked with supplies so employees can really use it! 

Recycled Cup

Eco-Products Recycled Hot Cups 

Not everyone has their favorite mug. And now certainly isn’t the time to share mugs in the office. Make sure you have cups on hand so employees can get that coveted cup of coffee before they start their day or as an afternoon pick-me-up. 

Paper Plates

Paper Plates

Not everyone has their favorite mug. And now certainly isn’t the time to share mugs in the office. Paper plates are a must-have in office kitchens for quick clean-up. Have them on hand for team get-togethers and everyday use. 

Breakroom Organizer

Breakroom Organizers

Keep your breakroom organized and ensure your employees know where things are with breakroom condiment organizers. 

Breakroom Appliances

Quality Breakroom Appliances are key to employee breakroom satisfaction. Don’t let them down with nothing to use for their meals and drinks! 

Coffee Maker, Lavazza

Lavazza Professional Drinks Creation 500 Drink Station 

Not just for your typical coffee—choose from coffee, assorted teas, and hot chocolate to satisfy all your employees. You can even get fancy and step-up the office coffee game with cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas right in your office. Pour-over and Plumbed-in options for easy office placement. 

Toaster Oven

Toaster Oven 

Toaster ovens can do it all from making toast to warming up leftover pizza to making nachos quickly without needing to heat up a full oven. This one appliance is a must-have in all breakrooms! 



Let’s be honest—frozen individual meals are a staple in offices around the country. From Lean Cuisine to Trader Joe’s, it’s highly likely your employees want to bring in quick easy meals. Make sure you have a microwave on hand to heat them up! 

Foods & Beverages

A breakroom is not complete without food & beverages. Global has that covered too! 

Kind Snack Bar

Snacks – KIND BARS 

Snacks are great for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day. Try out a fan favorite: KIND bars! 

Cup of Coffee Beans

Coffee Service  

Coffee can improve the mental focus of your employees. Capitalize on this by offering your employees a coffee service that allows them to skip the Starbucks line. 

Water Logic Water Coolers

Water Service 

Hydration is key to employees’ health and well-being. Invest in a water cooler that Global can service for you so employees can fill up their own water bottles. Want water bottles supplied instead? We can do that! 

Looking for more than coffee and water? Some employees may feel more at home with soft drinks, juice, or tea. Global has you covered with everything you need. 

Cleaning Supplies

Ensure your employees can clean up after themselves! 

Paper Towels and Crate

Paper Towels 

Spills happen. Make sure to have paper towels on hand so employees can clean up quickly. They can double as napkins too! 

Clorox Wipes

Cleaning Wipes 

Keeping a breakroom sanitary is key. Having cleaning wipes on hand lets employees wipe down a table before they eat or sanitize appliances. 


Commercial Vacuum 

Crumbs happen. Even if you have a cleaning service come in nightly, it still makes sense to have a vacuum cleaner on hand. 

Breakroom Furniture

You have all the supplies, but make sure you have comfortable eating space as well so employees can get away from their desk.  

Did you know that Global can help with your furniture design/space needs? We offer FREE consultations! Learn more about how we can create a space that fits your needs. 

Boost Employee Productivity with a stocked breakroom!

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