Cool Offices Around the Globe

Cool Offices Around the Globe

Around the world, the ‘all work and no play’ mindset doesn’t really exist for the employees of these spectacular offices. You would never guess that these luxurious amusement filled spaces are actually professional, productive, and functional. These eye-popping offices are not only keeping up with technology but also strive to make sure their employees are happy to come into work.

    Beats Electronics

    Beats Electronics goal is to provide their customers with a deluxe music experience.  As they expanded their services, they needed an office that resembled their innovative reputation. Beats needed a workspace to accommodate their immense research, design, and development and where all these factors could intertwine. So, they created an awe inspiring office space in Culver City, California. When designing their new campus, Bestor said “They are meant to have different atmospheres. People from one quadrant will walk over to use the blue one, for example, because it’s peaceful and serene, the colors help create distinct locations.”

    Google: Tel Aviv

    In an attempt to combine the excitement and innovation of Google’s stature, this new office in Tel Aviv is the perfect combination of useful space with a high-tech design. Architecture company, Camenzind Evolution, spoke with Google employees before building in order to get the perfect idea of the image they wanted to portray. Located in the hub of the “Start-Up Nation” in Israel, this Google location strives to think outside the box and challenge the status quo.

    Coca-Cola: London

    Serving as Coca-Cola’s UK headquarters, this innovative office space offers a modern layout in efforts to get away from cubicle and meeting rooms. Designed with an open floor space and roof terrace, Coca-Cola, along with designer MoreySmith, strived to make this space resemble the heritage of the company and influence in pop culture.


    Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Dropbox offices are filled with quirky innuendos and a modern relaxing design. Boor Bridges Architecture went into say their “ design reiterates [their] belief that all spaces – particularly the all-too-often neglected office – deserve real materials and attentive, appropriately-scaled interventions.” Created by both Geremia Design and Boor Bridges Architecture, the layout of this campus provides a productive and innovative theme for it’s employees.

    Urban Outfitters

    Inside this epic campus, the Urban Outfitters headquarters is well executed in build, maximizing functionality without compromising aesthetics. Located in Pittsburgh at an old naval yard, this campus resembles the heritage and image of Urban Outfitters perfectly. Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, the rugged appearance was preserved as a goal to maintain the history rather than update. The company fully takes advantage of the open space for collaboration opportunities.