Why Your Office Needs Touchdown Spaces

“Organizations that continue to use 19th Century workplace designs and 20th Century workforce practices to do 21st Century work will not survive.” – Global Workplace Analytics 

Touchdown spaces are flexible solutions that allow work to be done outside of formally assigned desks. They are perfect for employees that are not at their desk most of the day, as well as those that do not have an assigned space, such as remote employees and visitors. A touchdown space can be used to quickly respond to emails and calls. While a modular workstation is the most obvious type of touchdown furniture, open lounge areas, booths, private nooks, and standing desks are great alternatives. Remember that some team members may be most productive in an open space while others may need a more calm and private space to focus. 

Key Elements of Touchdown Spaces

1. Ensure the space is “plug-and-play” for anyone to quickly sit down and start using it.

Kensington Docking Station
  • The easier a space is to use, the more efficient your employees can be with their work. You should have the following:
  • A strong wireless connection 
  • Laptop docking stations 
  • Charging stations and extra phone/computer cords 
  • An ergonomic workspace (offer both sitting and standing options) 
  • Combo Printer/Copier/Scanner 

2. Provide touchdown spaces near meeting rooms.

HON Empower Workstations

This allows employees that come into the office solely for meetings to have a space to be productive before and after the meetings. In addition, it allows those waiting for an occupied room to have a space to quickly answer emails.

3. Boost Productivity with a Variety of Spaces.

HON Astir
Hon Flock

Not all employees perform their best in the same environment. Some employees prefer a more traditional desk setup, others prefer lounges. Sometimes a space with privacy is needed for some conversations, while others need a space for their team to easily collaborate. Think through the different ways that your teams work throughout the day to create the best set-up for their needs. 

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