Work From Home Essentials: Office Furniture & Supplies to Buy Online

Work From Home Essentials: Office Furniture & Supplies to Buy Online

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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads across the country, chances are you’re one of many office workers who must work from home. It’s a tough transition for many, since it’s very easy to get distracted while you’re working in an environment outside your office. With the right tools at your disposal, however, you can create a proper office space at home. 

To make working from home more manageable, we recommend that you buy these essential office supplies and check out these solutions for working from home..

Dual Display Desk Mount  

Dual Monitor Stand for Holding Up Two Computer Monitors

One of the best things you can have in a home office is a dual monitor setup for your computer. With a dual display mount, you’ll be able to install two monitors to use when you’re working on assignment. This will give you more space to work with and will help you bolster productivity levels considerably. 

You could use one monitor for work, and another for researching topics online. The other monitor could also be used for chat applications, allowing you to work and keep tabs on your coworkers at the same time. When you’re working at home, a dual monitor setup is the perfect solution to have. 

Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair

Black Mesh Task Chair With Lumbar Support

When you’re working from home, it isn’t a good idea to use one of your regular chairs to get work done. If you want to stay productive, you need a nice, comfortable office chair so you don’t strain your muscles while you work. This is why you need to get an ergonomic mesh chair if you don’t have one already. 

The mesh design will provide support for your back and keep your back from straining as you work. Thanks to their adjustable heights, you can set them up to work perfectly with your current workspace. With a comfortable task chair at home, it won’t even feel like you’ve left the office. 

Adjustable Footrest

Adjustable Grey Footrest with Surface Bumps

It would also be a good idea to grab an adjustable footrest to use with your new office chair. If your feet aren’t resting flat on the floor, you won’t be comfortable working, and you’ll lose motivation quickly. A footrest will give you something to rest your feet on, and will keep you in a good mood as you work. 

The footrest adjusts around three levels, ranging from 4 inches to 6 ½ inches. The surface bumps will massage your feet as you sit, keeping you nice and comfortable throughout the workday. 

Compact Multifunction Printer

Black Canon Printer With a Colored Page Printed Out

A wireless, multifunction printer is a great asset for any home office. Since you’re out of the office, you’ll need a way to send important documents to coworkers or clients. With a multifunction printer, you’ll have an easy way to scan papers, allowing you to either email them or fax them. 

On the flip side, when someone has to send you a document, you’ll be able to print it out in pristine quality. The Automatic Duplex Printer from Canon is an excellent option to go with, as it can incorporated into any environment, thanks to its small size. 

Over-the-Head Binaural Headphones

Black Sound-Cancelling Headphones from Maxell

One of the challenges of working at home is outside noise. From kids playing outside to cars driving down the street, there are several outside sounds that can distract you while you’re working on important projects. Grabbing a pair of binaural, sound-cancelling headphones can help alleviate this issue. 

These headphones rest comfortably over your ears, and block out any and all distracting sounds. You can also use them to play some light music while you work so you can stay focused on your projects without getting distracted. 

Wireless Bluetooth Conference Speaker

White Wireless Speaker for Conferences & Music

The Spracht Bluetooth Wireless and USB Speaker Combo is a great recommendation for anyone working from home. While you’re at home, you’ll still need to take part in conferences or calls with other staff members or clients. Virtual meetings can be a bit tricky if you can’t hear what everyone is saying, so you’ll need a good speaker to use. 

With this wireless speaker, it will be much easier for you to hear everyone on a call clearly. Thanks to its sound processing functionality, background noises around you are canceled out, ensuring that others can hear you clearly. And when you’re not on a call, it can be used to stream music that you can listen to while you work. 

If you’re working from home for a while, Global Office Solutions carries all the supplies you’ll need to stay efficient.