Global OS: Global Goes Green

With the change in seasons from frigid winter to sunny spring, everyone seems to gravitate towards being more eco-conscious. At Global Office Solutions, we do our collective part by doing different things to be as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible.

One of our main green initiatives it to provide different types of eco-friendly products that are made from recyclable materials, from office and breakroom supplies to apparel and stuff for your home.

One of our most popular green products at Global Office Solutions is Swiss Mountain CoffSwiss Mountain Coffeeee. The fair-trade farmers that work with Swiss Mountain Coffee make sure their beans are environmentally friend. This means no pesticides or chemicals are used when growing them.

Global Office Solutions also does their part in being eco-friendly by working with local businesses to lessen their carbon footprint by streamlining their delivery system along with cutting down on clutter in the office by organizing items in their proper places. Global Office Solutions also does the vast majority of their filing and document storage electronically.

All of these things that are done at Global are easy enough for everyone and are great ways to make strides in both sustainability and eco-consciousness.