Global Office Solutions Helps Detroit Business Become More Eco-Friendly

Over the past decade, there has been a strong push for businesses to start thinking more about the environment. As environmental issues, like climate change, become more prominent, business owners are working to mitigate their effects with new workflows and office design trends. At Global Office Solutions, we can help you create a greener work environment that will lower your carbon footprint.

Take a few minutes and see how Global helps companies like you become more conscious of the Earth.

Offering You Green Office Products & More

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The primary way we help companies go green is by offering alternative, green products in our catalog. Our catalog has a large focus on office supplies and products that are created from recycled materials. From pencils to biodegradable straws, shopping for recycled supplies helps to keep garbage out of landfills across the country.

Our green focus extends to our coffee supplies as well. Global works with coffee companies, like Swiss Mountain Coffee, that grow their beans organically. By putting a large focus on these sustainable products, we help our customers become more sustainable as well.

Streamline Delivery Routes & Reduce Time on the Road

Large White Delivery Truck Outside of a Pickup Dock

Working with a local Michigan company like Global resolves other problems as well. We can also reduce your carbon footprint by streamlining your delivery routes. As trucks travel to offices deliver packages, they burn oil and release a lot of exhaust into the air.

The further these trucks have to travel, the more exhaust they put out, which has a significant effect on the atmosphere. Making the problem worse, most of the big name stores buy their products from out of state, so they waste lots of gas getting you what you need.

At Global, we’ve developed efficient routes for our truck drivers, allowing them to get where they need to in a short amount of time. Not only does this reduce the amount of exhaust going into the air, it also reduces the need for oil refuels. This reduces the need to harvest oil from the ground, which protects the natural habitats that animals live in.

Eliminate Waste with Reduced Packaging

A Woman Carrying an Oversized Cardboard Box Around

Another environmental benefit to shopping locally is that you reduce the amount of waste creating from packaging.

When you order from a company that works out of state, everything needs to be tightly packaged so nothing gets damaged on the long trip. This wastes a lot of materials, and when everything is done a lot of those fortified boxes will just end up in landfills anyway.

As mentioned before, the delivery routes are much shorter when you work with a local business like Global. This means there is less worry about packages getting damaged, which reduces the need for excessive packaging methods. Less materials need to be harvested to make boxes, and the environment will benefit as a result.

Supporting Local Businesses Helps Them Stay Green

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The best thing about shopping locally is that you help others stay green as well. Local businesses employ people from your community, and they don’t have to travel far to get to work. If they had to work somewhere else, they’d have to travel a lot farther, and would waste a lot more gas in the process.

By supporting the companies these people work for, they’ll be able to maintain their lifestyles and keep their carbon footprints down. So by working with local businesses, everyone around you gets to go green, and the environment will be better for it.

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