Global OS Visits Walnut Creek Middle School for Career Day

Visiting Walnut Creek Middle School

Recently, Global Office Solutions owner Reuben Levy visited the Walnut Creek Middle School to talk with students for Career Day. As a leading business owner in the local area, Reuben was asked to attend so he could discuss his experiences running an office supply company. It was an informative experience, and one that both Reuben and the students enjoyed considerably.

Speaking With the Students

As a visitor for Career Day, Reuben spoke about several topics in regards to operating a major business. In particular, he discussed how to start up a business, and the importance of being respectable and accountable with clients. He also got the chance to show off one of our coffee makers, and gave the students some hot chocolate.

He also discussed a few other important topics as well, like how to properly shake another person’s hand in order to show courtesy. Ultimately, Reuben’s goal was to explain that while operating a large business requires a lot of hard work, it is still a rewarding experience. He was overall pleased with the experience, and would be more than happy to speak at the school again.

Receiving Letters

Part of Reuben’s satisfaction as a Career Day visitor stemmed from a surprise he got from the students after his visit. Several students sent letters to Reuben thanking him for stopping by to talk.

Many of the Walnut Creek students wish to open their own businesses, and through Reuben’s discussion they were able to get a good idea of what it is like to do so. Of course, many thanked him for bringing in the hot chocolate.

Needless to say, Reuben was extremely touched by the number of letters he received from the students. Reuben was glad to be able to inspire the students, and he is looking forward to being able to speak at Career Day again in the future. Some of the letters have been uploaded to the official Global Office Solutions Facebook page, so be sure to check it out if you want to see a few of them.

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