Gobble Gobble Give: Feeding the Homeless in Detroit, MI

Giving Back to the Homeless

On Thanksgiving morning, Global Office Solutions supported the Gobble Gobble Give charity drive that took place on 2739 Russell Street in Detroit, MI. During the event, over 700 volunteers came out to donate food, blankets, clothing and more to homeless families and individuals in Detroit. Continue reading to learn more about this event, and see how much support was given this year.

Gobble Give Flyer

About Gobble Gobble Give

Volunteers collecting food for the homeless in brown bags in an alley

For those unaware, Gobble Gobble Give is a non-profit organization that has spent the past 20 years donating helpful items to homeless individuals around the country. The group was started by a group of friends in Los Angeles who spent each Thanksgiving looking for homeless people who were in need of food and clothes. The group has expanded since then, and it now supports communities in many locations, including Detroit.

Members from the organization invite community members to deliver family-sized meat, bottled water, blankets, warm clothes, and other helpful items. Volunteers can also help to package and deliver these items to homeless families.

The Event This Year

cases of water stacked atop each other

This year, Gobble Gobble Give was able to serve warm meals, water, blankets, clothing and other toiletries to over 4,000 individuals who needed help. Bottled water was bagged and placed along with meals in paper bags, while volunteers used their cars to deliver clothes and other toiletries across the city. While everything was being packed, live music was performed during the event.

Global Office Solutions donated containers for food in conjunction with our client AAA, who donated the water, and delivered to the event Thanksgiving morning.

Thanks to the many contributions from the Detroit community, Gobble Gobble Give was a massive success this year.