How Can a Breakroom Increase Workplace Productivity?

Breakrooms are supposed to be a place in the office where employees can unwind, relax, eat, hydrate, and more. As working hours have increased, the need to take breaks is more than ever necessary to remain productive. Employees would be more motivated to take breaks throughout the day if their employer provided a fully-equipped breakroom space. See how a breakroom can increase workplace productivity.

Employee Appreciation Leads to Better Workplace Morale

salad and an apple on a table in a breakroom

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As employees feel appreciation for the complimentary breakroom supplies, such as coffee, water, snacks, and more, their positive attitude will translate into better workplace morale. When employees feel appreciated and have higher morale, their productivity will increase as well. By implementing these simple and cost-effective perks, employers can see a huge difference in overall productivity. Especially if everyone in the office knows how to take care of the breakroom.

If Employees are Rested & Comfortable, they will be more Productive

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By providing employees with different and comfortable seating options, they will be able to unwind, relax, and return to work feeling refreshed and ready to accomplish their objectives. Throughout the day, employees are often sitting in the same chair for hours at a time. When they take their lunch break, they will benefit from changing their seating position, with a variety of different furniture options. Loungers, couches, and ergonomic task chairs can be excellent additions to any breakroom.

Choose furniture that is flexible and adaptable to different configurations. Having chairs that have casters allow them to be mobile, which is helpful in providing flexibility for different layouts. If employees long for social interaction they can join others, or if they need a moment to breath they can sit individually. In general, by making your breakroom configuration flexible along with comfortable furniture, employees will look forward to taking their lunch break.

Breakrooms that are Exciting & Vibrant Will Motivate Employees to Take a Break

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A breakroom, in theory, should be a place where employees journey on their lunch and short breaks throughout the day where they can relax, unwind, eat, and socialize with others. Breakrooms that have table games, magazines, televisions, video games, and more will create an exciting place, taking a break from the mundane workday.

Employees will be more motivated to take a break if the atmosphere is interactive, exciting, and tailored to collaboration. Paint the walls bright colors and incorporate eye-appealing aesthetics to create a sense of distinction. Employees will return back to work feeling happier and re-energized to take on the rest of the day’s tasks.

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