Interior Office Space Trends for 2021 

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Interior Office Space Trends for 2021 

Most of us are ready to leave the challenges of 2020 behind and move forward. It’s a fresh start. The workplace changed over the last year, and now, businesses are changing with it. This is the perfect time to indulge in that new office design you’ve been thinking about or replace that old, dusty furniture. 

From going green to making the office feel more like home, these are the top interior office space trends we’re going to see in 2021. 

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Individual Workspaces 

Many offices recently transitioned to open-floor layouts. While they foster collaboration and community, they do not encourage social distancing. In 2021, expect to see a higher demand for individual workspaces. You can use mobile barriers and dividers to create moveable “walls” around desks that can later be discarded. Or, if you want to make the change more permanent, we can help you to design a workplace reconfiguration that includes individual offices and workspaces for your employees. 

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies 

The newer, younger workforce cares about their employer’s environmental impact. Longterm solutions can be costly and challenging, but you don’t need to install solar panels to make a difference. There are much easier switches to help your local business go green, such as choosing recycled and recyclable office supplies and buying office furniture made from renewable materials. 

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Dynamic Workspaces 

With the ongoing pandemic and resulting economic shifts, 2021 will likely be full of change. So, let’s plan for it. Dynamic workspaces are flexible and adaptable. Choose a moveable interior office space and modular furniture that can be adjusted to work for whatever this next year brings. 

Home-Like Comforts

Employees are returning to work but aren’t ready to leave the comforts of home behind. Ease this transition by incorporating elements from their home life into the office. Not sure how to do this? Consider bringing in an office interior design specialist to help recreate the comforts from home inside the workplace. 

Health & Safety Features 

During these strange times, being around colleagues and interacting with the public can make employees feel anxious. Stocking the workplace with EPA approved sanitizers, cleaning with electrostatic sprayers and scheduling routine professional virus disinfecting and mitigation services can make them more comfortable. 

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Sourcing Locally 

There’s a unique connection between the customer and you, as a business owner, when shopping locally. You both share the same community which makes each purchase personal. Employees often care about this as much as local businesses do. By choosing to support small businesses in your region, you can appease your employees and build a connection that generates better customer service and growth for the community. 

Start the new year fresh and relaxed, let us do the heavy lifting and planning. Our office interior design and space planning services will handle every detail of reconfiguring your workspace.