10 More Office Items We Are Thankful For

Last year, we shared the ten office supplies we were thankful for. Providing office products to many businesses in the Detroit area for sixteen years makes it difficult for us to limit the list to just ten. Here are ten more office items that our office product addicts at Global Office Solutions are thankful for.

BIC pens just glide across paper.

1. BIC pens

You never truly understand the value of a pen until you need to use one and there is not one to be found. We have several BIC pens around the office and love how smooth they write. These pens seem to just glide across paper.

HP ColorLok Paper is smear-resistant with an extra-smooth surface.

2. HP ColorLok Paper

When we need paper to deliver fast-drying, smear resistance text and graphics in bold blacks and bright colors, we know that we can count on HP ColorLok Paper to get the job done.

black Brother multifunction printer

3. Multifunction Printers

Why have a separate machine for copying, faxing, scanning, and printing when you could have one machine that does it all? We love our MFP! It definitely helps increase our productivity from day to day.


4. Calendar

How else would we be able to keep track of meetings, appointments, or special events? Calendars help keep us organized and punctual. We have an entire guide to calendars for you as well.

stack of Post-It notes

5. Post-Its

Sometimes a reminder written on bright color paper is better than an alert from our phones. Placing these on or around our computer screens makes it hard for us to forget a task.

box of binder clips

6. Binder Clips

Binder clips aren’t only used to hold paper together. We have discovered several office hacks with the help of binder clips such as replacing a broken keyboard foot with binder clip arm.

black desk organizer

7. Desk Organizer

Several papers, files, and folders come across our desks everyday. Having a desk organizer provides a specific place for each document and keeps our desk clean.

pack of highlighters

8. Highlighters

Available in several colors, these office supplies can help brighten anyone’s day. The quick-drying, odorless ink is also a plus.

ergonomic backrest on chair

9. Backrest

Many employees spend more time sitting than standing each day. This Fellowes ergonomic backrest provides excellent back support and promotes good posture for those long days spent sitting at your desk.

white mug with steam

10. Coffee

Last but certainly not least, we are thankful for the caffeinated beverage that helps get us through our workweek. You can find our employees sipping on a hot cup of Swiss Mountain Coffee at the start of each morning!

Don’t see the office product you’re thankful for listed here? Visit our Facebook page and let us know which item you’re most thankful for!