Office Coffee Service: Problems & Solutions

The world consumes over 500 billion cups of coffee a year. Its outrageous popularity has made coffee drinking a way of life for most people. For businesses, it’s made having an office coffee service a necessity.  

Think of the image of a perfect coffee service: the coffee, tea & other beverages are well stocked and organized. Employees gather around the coffee station, happily trading stories and bonding during breaks. Staff is energized and excited afterwards and returns to work with a new found alertness. 

Sound like a fantasy? This kind of well-run office coffee service is easier to put together than most think. Avoid these common problems with quick solutions and watch as employees are instantly happier, healthier and work harder. 

Broken Down Coffee Machines

A broken coffee machine is no good to anyone. If the water doesn’t heat up properly then the coffee won’t brew. Or if the burner stops working the coffee in the pots will return to room temperature long before anyone is finished with it. Routine office coffee machine service and maintenance can help to avoid these repairs or replacements down the road. 

Always Running Out 

Running Out of Coffee, coffee grinds running low

Walking up to the breakroom only to find out that the coffee is out is frustrating at best, and (for employees who rely on the caffeine to stay alert for work) can be downright dangerous at worst. Keep coffee supplies stocked and accessible to avoid running out in the middle of a busy shift. 

Only Carrying Coffee 

For most businesses, it’s not enough to just carry coffee. In fact, soda and bottled water are more popular than tea and coffee. Go the extra mile for your staff and provide beverages other than the ones they expect. 

Getting Bad Coffee 

Having a coffee service is only a perk if you can get your staff to enjoy it. You’ll need to stock up on coffee supplies that employees actually want to drink. Choose coffee and tea from brands that people know and trust and be sure to order frequently to avoid being left with old, stale products. 

Using The Wrong Provider 

Man Drinking Coffee

Having a coffee service should make life easier for your business, not harder. Global’s coffee service will provide you with the best products at affordable prices while providing the elite customer service we’re known for. 

There are many reasons to have an office coffee service, but they all boil down to one thing: coffee is an ultra-affordable way to help employees work harder and feel happier.  

Global’s customizable office coffee service allows you to pick and choose the features that best fit your business’s unique needs.  

Discover the benefits of having your own coffee service at no cost to you.