Get Up To Date: Office Design Trends for 2019

Get Up To Date: Office Design Trends for 2019

The Latest Trends in Office Design

Office designs have evolved dramatically over the years; if you compare a new office with some of the earliest ones you will see the differences immediately. Designers are always striving to evolve office designs in a way that will meet the growing needs of the modern office worker. With this in mind, what are designers working on now? Set aside a few minutes and learn about some of the hottest trends in the world of office design.

Designs for Improving Employee Health

Looking down from above at a foosball table

One trend that has been picking up steam involves designing “experience-driven spaces” that can help create a healthier work environment. The wellbeing of each worker is important, because when workers are happy it creates a better image for the company they work for. These onsite inclusions not only keep workers happy, but they also entice new people to work for that particular company.

Some of these spaces include meditation areas, rock-climbing walls, game rooms, and much more. They help boost employee morale, which can lead to higher productions levels in a shorter amount of time.

Tech Develops in the Workplace

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Technology in the office is obviously not a new trend; it has been a key element in office design over the past decade. As technology continues to develop, designers are finding new ways to incorporate devices into the modern workplace. This is why it is important to focus on the new additions being brought in to make work more convenient for the average office worker.

Virtual assistants, including Siri and Alexa have been used to schedule meetings and keep track of important tasks that need to be completed. Cloud services have made it easier for workers to share documents so multiple people can work on them at once. As technology develops, the work environment will only become more efficient.

Revitalizing Old Office Spaces

Another trend that has gained some attention this year is one that involves combining new design elements with older ones. Specifically, this practice involves taking older office spaces that have been left alone for years and refreshing them with new elements so they feel more up-to-date.

Though offices have advanced significantly over the years, some see the designs of older offices as timeless. The idea behind this trend is to combine the old, but timeless elements from older offices with fresh furniture and décor so older spaces can fit in with the expectations of today’s workers. In turn, this helps keep these older buildings from being knocked down, and they can live on for years to come.

Greener Offices

Plants Outside Office Building

This is a trend that has existed for a long time, but it is still quite popular, even in 2019. Plant life has become an important part of the work environment, and not just because flowers are pretty to look at. Different types of greenery can clean the air, and by doing this they can remove harmful substances that could create problems for workers.

Besides simply bringing flowers and other forms of plant life into the office, there are other ways office designers have been getting in tune with nature. Some designers focus on bringing more natural light into the office, which reduces the reliance on indoor lighting and saves on electricity. Others focus on designing offices with more natural materials, like stone.

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