10 Office Products/Supplies We’re Thankful For

This Thanksgiving we have a lot to be thankful for! Having the opportunity to provide office products to the local community for more than 15 years is certainly one of them. As office product addicts, while we’re counting our blessings of good health, prosperity, and happiness, we’re giving applause to the following office products for being around.

Scotch Stiletto Tape Dispenser


Fun and innovative tape dispensers such as this Scotch Stiletto Tape Dispenser. It really personalizes a space. Our office fashionistas love it.

3M Ergonomic Footrest


Footrests such as this ergonomic adjustable footrest by 3M reduces our back, neck, and leg pain. Even though we love our chiropractors, we don’t need to see them as frequently with this office product.

Tombow Correction Tape


Mistakes happen. This retractable correction tape by Tombow helps us fix them quickly and easily. No drying time is needed so we can make our corrections then finish up our task, right away.

Breast Cancer Awareness Planner


Life happens. When things get busy, this Breast Cancer Awareness Planner helps us keep track of important dates, such as our managers’ birthdays and our anniversary with our significant other. Plus, we show our support for Breast Cancer every single day of using this planner.

Bamboo Desk Organizer


While we’re on the topic of organization, whoever invented desk organizers was a genius. This environmentally friendly Bamboo Desk Organizer by Lorell has a place for our letters, files, writing instruments, and more.

Safco Seat Cushion


You should be comfortable when you’re working. While this seat cushion may look a bit silly, our bottoms thank Safco for making it. It reduces lower back and spine pain and helps us maintain proper posture.

Custom Self-inking Address Stamp


It can be a hassle to print an address onto an envelope when we have to mail just a few letters. Instead of hassling with a printer and Microsoft Word, we are thankful that we have this custom self-inking address stamp for a quick push and go.

Portable Space Heater


Even with the heat turned up, it sometimes still gets a little chilly indoors. This portable space heater by Lorell helps keep our fingers from freezing off.

All Purpose First Aid Kit


This Johnson & Johnson All Purpose First Aid Kit is a handy little thing to have. It has all the first aid necessities we need in one place: antibiotic ointment, Band-Aids, first aid tape, cold packs, and more.

Flash Drive


This little guy here makes transporting and sharing files simple and convenient. It has password protection to keep sensitive information safe. We love this flash drive.

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