Partner Spotlight: Swiss Mountain Coffee

We are proud to feature our specialty grade office coffee partner, Swiss Mountain Coffee. The company currently has locations in both Michigan and Florida. What sets their blends apart is that the beans they use are carefully selected and freshly roasted. The roasting process is conducted with a highly efficient Diedrich roaster, which allows the company to provide environmentally friendly and cost effective products. Swiss Mountain Coffee commits to not using chemicals or pesticides in the roasting process, providing coffee consumers clean, fresh and eco-friendly blends.

Swiss Mountain Coffee: Good for the Farmer, Environment, & Consumer

Working with direct trade farmers, the business allows these agriculturalists the ability to pay workers above the minimum wage, providing a better lifestyle for all involved. Swiss Mountain Coffee pledges to consistently provide an amazing product at an exceptional value. The company also believes that there is no reward better than helping the greater good. The coffee roaster works directly in Honduras to create new water systems for villages, equipment for hospitals, and important supplies for schools.

What Sets Swiss Mountain Coffee Apart

collecting berries
  • Freshly roasted, specialty grade coffee
  • Custom blends
  • Compact batches
  • Private labels
  • Organic & environmentally conscious coffee, no pesticides or chemicals
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unparalleled quality
  • Amazing value

Best Blends

two men collecting berries
  • Executive: full body and bold flavor/tasting notes: cocoa, creamy
  • Kaldi Gourmet: Central and South American mountain grown, handpicked/tasting notes: orange cocoa, &sweet taste
  • Bob-o-link: rich, flavored blend created by FAF, a group of farmers in the Mogiana region, one of the best coffee producing regions within Brazil/tasting notes: fruit aroma, citric acidy, creamy, & chocolate taste
  • Dark Rich Blend: rich, smooth, non-smoky flavor/tasting notes: cedar,& syrupy
  • Hazlenut: mild, full-bodied, rich coffee/tasting notes: Hazelnut aroma
  • Kaldi’s Decaf: mild, full-bodied, & rich medium roasted coffee/tasting notes: cocoa, creamy, cherry taste, dark chocolate, & earth finish.

Are you interested in making Swiss Mountain Coffee your top choice? Learn more about our office coffee services now.