Perk Up Your Office

Increase productivity, enjoy health benefits and put a little perk in your employees’ steps with office coffee service that will keep your employees at their best.

Did you know there is a direct correlation between office coffee service and productivity? An article by states coffee is a very important part of the workday for most employees. “Experts say that depending on how it is handled, coffee can either be a perk that fuels employee morale or an annoyance that steams up workers to the point where they feel alienated and disgruntled.”

Some employees always get stuck brewing the coffee, while another takes the last cup leaving an empty pot. Also, everyone has a different preference when it comes to their coffee, whether it be decaf, house blend, one sugar, or two. Having the perfect cup of coffee ensures a perfect day, but how do you make everyone in the office happy?

A proper office coffee service can bring variety and ease to the break room if you avoid the most common problems. There should be numerous options for coffee brands and flavors, along with tea and cocoa as well. The shelves should always be stocked with cups, lids, and stirrers, and the coffee brewer should always be ready to go.

While the decision for single serve or traditional brewers is one that needs to be made at an individual business level, the need for coffee in the office is clear.

Here are some of our favorite coffee brands that we offer:

Folgers Colombian Coffee Folgers Colombian Coffee BagFolgers Colombian Coffee 1.75oz Pack, 42/Carton

  • 100% Mountain Grown.
  • Smooth, rich and consistent flavor.
  • Each pack makes 64 oz. of coffee or 1/2 gal.
Starbucks Regular House Blend Coffee Starbucks Regular House Blend CoffeeStarbucks Regular House Blend Coffee 2.5oz Packet, 18/Box

  • Roasted to its natural flavor peak.
  • Savor the distinctive, delicious taste of premium coffee.
  • Enjoy it at home as well as at the office.
  • Each pack makes one pot.
Papa Nicholas Premium Coffee Breakfast Blend Papa Nicholas Premium Coffee Breakfast BlendPapa Nicholas Premium Coffee Breakfast Blend

  • 100% Arabica specialty graded coffees provide a bold and balanced cup of coffee with no unpleasant bitter notes or aftertaste.
  • Provide offices with an assortment of great tasting coffees that will satisfy every coffee lover.
  • Utilizes a fresh-pack valve system which prevents oxygen from entering the bag, this ensures the freshest coffee possible.
Seattle’s Best Coffee Packs Seattle’s Best Coffee PacksSeattle’s Best Coffee Packs, Best Blend-Level 3 2oz Packet, 18/Box

  • Premeasured coffee packs.
  • Made from Arabica beans.
  • Each pack makes eight 8 oz. cups.

We are proud to serve the Greater Detroit Area by beverages, snacks, coffee service, and more through Global Office Solution’s Beverage, Breakroom, and Office Coffee Service Division. Contact us for a free coffee trial today!