Post-Holiday Blues: How to Get Yourself Back into Work Mode

Post-Holiday Blues: How to Get Yourself Back into Work Mode

Getting Back From Break

Whether you have a break during the holidays or you are going on vacation, time off can help you unwind after a long stretch of work. The problem, however, is that the longer your break is, the harder it will be for you to get back into the working mood upon your return. It can be hard to find the motivation for work, especially if you have not worked in at least week. Use this guide to get back into the work mood after your holiday comes to a close.

Plan Out Your Return

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Before you return to the office, you should make a plan of what you need to do once you get back in. Two days before you go back into the office you should make a list of all the assignments that still need to be finished. It is easy to forget about your work after a long break, so make sure you list every single assignment, no matter how important it is.

Once everything is listed, organize your tasks in order of importance so you know what needs to take priority. This way, you know exactly what you should work on once you are back in the office.

Tackle the Inbox Before You Return

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One thing that all office workers dread after a long break is having to check the inbox. Since you have been gone for a decent amount of time, chances are that the inbox is flooded with messages from clients or coworkers. To make things easier for yourself, it would be wise to go through your inbox before you head back into the office.

Dedicate at least a few hours to reading through your inbox so you know what has been happening during your break. Make sure you highlight any important emails so you know to check on them once you are back in the office. Work will be a lot less stressful if you get this process done as soon as possible.

Converse With Coworkers

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Once you get back into the office, it might be a good idea to talk to your coworkers and catch up with them. See what they have been up to, and if you have all been off for the

holidays ask how their breaks were. Even if you are not in the mood to have an extended conversation, conversing with your colleagues at work can be extremely beneficial.

The simple process of talking with someone can improve your mood considerably, and this can give you the motivation to pick up your assignments again. Try doing this during your lunch break so you do not get too distracted from the work you need to catch up on.

Ease Yourself Back Into Work

Whenever you return from a break of any kind, the best thing you can do is to slowly ease yourself back into your work. You probably have not thought about working in at least a week, and if you quickly and harshly throw yourself back into your work you will probably be miserable. Doing too much work in a short amount of time can burn you out, and this can make you fall behind even more.

Focus on one task at a time, and finish your most important tasks before you worry about the ones that are of lower priority. Also, you should never be afraid to take a short break if you start to feel overwhelmed by your workload. Take things one step at a time, and soon enough you will be back in the game and blazing through your assignments.

Want to try out some healthier work habits once you return to the office?