Reduce Business Printing Costs With Printer & Copier Maintenance

Reduce Business Printing Costs With Printer & Copier Maintenance

Keeping Your Business Machines in Good Shape

There’s nothing that ruins a productive workday faster than a malfunctioning printer or copier. Business machines that aren’t working halt your workflow, and can ruin productivity levels. Even worse, if you let them take too much damage you might have to spend a lot of money to repair or replace them. 

To reduce the risk of increasing your printing costs, it would wise to perform maintenance on your business machines from time to time. Do the following things to ensure that your printers and copiers stay in good condition. 

Turn Off Inactive Machines

Printer at Work, Showing the Buttons and Paper

To prolong the lifespans of your business machines, make sure you switch them off or put them into hibernation mode at the end of the workday. When printers and copiers are left inactive for prolonged periods of time, you waste electricity. The effectiveness of the parts inside will also diminish. 

In addition, serious damage can occur to devices that are left inactive. For printers, the internal heat can dry up the ink cartridges, and you’ll have to spend money to replace them. Even worse, the dried ink can clog a printer’s header, which can seriously damage the machine’s parts. 

If you plan to do any work to your business machines, make sure you switch them off so you don’t hurt yourself. 

Check Inside Your Machines & Clean Them

Inside an Office Printer, With Ink & Toner in View

To make sure that your printers have no issues, you should pop open the hood from time to time to get a look inside. Even if your machine has no immediate problems, doing regular checks will help you catch issues or malfunctions before they can escalate. Modern printers also come with diagnostics tools; use them to make sure everything is in working order. 

It’s also a good idea to clean your machines every once in a while. Try using a light cloth or some compressed air to keep dust and grime from building up inside. You should also dedicate some time each month to cleaning out your printer heads with warm water. This will keep them from getting clogged. 

Check Your Paper

Man Checking Printed Docs at Work

Checking your printer’s paper tray from time to time is also a good idea. During the summer, humidity can cause pages to bend and crinkle. A paper jam can occur if these pages go through the machine, so make sure you remove them to prevent problems in the future. 

Also, stick to using high quality paper when using your business machines. Pages made from cheaper materials can stick together, and the printer or copier may grab more than it needs. This can result in a jam, and even if it doesn’t it could result in wasted paper

Position Business Machines Carefully

The way you position your business machines can also prevent major issues. Make sure you keep your printers away from any heaters and air conditioners you have around the office. You should also try to keep them away from any windows. 

Prolonged exposure to heat can lead to a buildup of moisture, which can affect your printing output in a number of ways. The excessive moisture can bend pages in the page tray, and can even distort images while they are being printed. 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a lack of moisture can cause ink cartridges to dry up quicker than normal. This can create clogs that you will have to resolve by spending a decent amount of money. Consider moving your printer or copier to prevent these issues from happening. 

Call a Professional Technician to Review Them

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As a final precaution, you should set aside some time and call someone to look over your printers. Despite your best efforts, printer troubles can still occur, and you won’t be able to solve every problem on your own. Schedule an appointment with a licensed professional who knows the ins and outs of business machines. 

The person will walk you through the process and will explain what you need to do if any problems are detected. This will extend the lifespan of your business machines and save you money in the long run. If something seems off with your machines, call someone right away. Don’t wait until a malfunction occurs. 

You should consider signing up for a managed print service if you want long-term maintenance services. 

If you ever have any problems, Global Office Solutions can help repair your device at a fair price.