Product Spotlight: GOJO LTX Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Gojo LXT-12

If you’re interested in purchasing a new hand sanitizer dispenser for your business, we recommend exploring GOJO’s product line. The GOJO LTX dispenser is designed for ease of use along with a Lifetime Performance Guarantee. This touch-free dispenser is the first of its kind to not require a change of batteries. This product can be beneficial in bathrooms of all sizes, with an available compact size. We recommend this product for its advanced technology, performance, and ease of maintenance.


Features LTX & ADX

You can rest assured that the quality of the plastic construction will allow for years of use. It is easy to install this product with two different installation options: you can either use the peel-back tape or secure to the wall with screws. The easy to view window illustrates when your staff must refill the dispenser. The touch-free feature prevents the spread of germs and other harmful bacteria, reducing the chance of employee illness.

The GOJO Lock or Not technology ensures security by giving you the option to convert the dispenser into a locking cabinet. Maintenance personnel can also simply service the unit from the two side latches. Choose from different color combinations such as white or black and chrome, based on your personal preferences.

Green Certified Soaps & Hand Sanitizers

Gojo Green Certified soap and dispenser

If you’re looking to reduce your footprint and foster sustainability in the workplace, the LTX dispenser comes with a variety of different sustainable and environmentally friendly soaps and hand sanitizers. The PURELL Advanced Green Certified Instant Hand Sanitizer foam and gel are certified by EcoLogo, an environmental certification group. The refills are simple and easy to use, snapping into place, while reducing time spent on maintenance. The refill bottles come with Smart Flex technology, using 30 percent less material, without compromising durability. Also, the removable pump allows users to recycle the empty refill bottles. Converting your existing sanitizer refills to PURELL Green Certified, will be an easy change, while presenting numerous benefits to your business.

When you purchase a carton of refills (product SKU GOJ190402CT or GOJ190302CT), you will receive a corresponding GOJO LTX dispenser, free of charge. Contact us today to place your order.