product spotlight victor high rise standing desk workstation

Product Spotlight: Victor High Rise Standing Desk Workstation

Convert Your Desk Into a Sit-Stand Workstation

Recent studies have shown that sitting down too much at work can affect your health in negative ways. Sitting down at your desk for long periods of time can cause neck and back strain, and this can have long-term effects on your overall health. The Victor High Rise Desk Converter provides a solution to this problem, because it gives you the choice to either sit down or stand up while you work at your desk. Take some time to read about this desk converter and see how it can help you improve your health at the office.

Easy to Adjust Desk Height

Victor High Rise Converter
The Victor High Rise Desk Converter utilizes gas pistons that allow you to easily make adjustments to your desk’s height. All you have to do is twist the knob found on the bottom of the converter, and then you can set the height of your desk. This converter does not have any pre-selected heights, so you have complete control of how you want your desk to be set up.

This allows you to stand while you work at your desk, which helps to reduce strain in your back and neck. If you ever feel like you need to take a break from standing you can easily lower the desk height back to a standard desktop level. You can use the desk area on the converter to store your keyboard and any other office supplies you need to use.

Adjust Monitor Height Separately

Victor High Rise Converter

In addition to adjusting the desk height, you can also use the converter to adjust the height of your monitor separately. You can twist the knob found behind the monitor bracket to set a height for your monitor. Turning the knob releases the gas piston, allowing you to raise or lower the monitor to a placement you are comfortable with.

This makes it easy for you to keep your computer at eye level, so you do not have to keep bending your neck throughout the day.

Additional Features

  • Easy to assemble. Finish in fifteen minutes or less.
  • Built to last thanks to durable wood and steel parts.
  • Model for dual monitors available.
  • Has a protective scratch resistant coating.
  • Designed to fit corner cubicles.

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