Signs You’re Ready for Your Kids to Go Back to School

Tired? Fatigued? Feeling run down? These might be signs that you are ready for your kids to go back to school. Wink. Wink.

Of course, you love the time spent with your children during the off months of summer. However, after the countless days of them running around the house dripping from the pool and having to go food shopping every other day, you are ready for them to spend their days in the classroom instead. Time to sharpen those brains again!

While you may have started your summer season bursting with excitement, that feeling may have quickly faded. Now you may have found yourself excited to see the yellow buses and look forward to packing each lunch box because that means one step closer to a day alone (or at least one where you can drink your coffee when it’s still hot.) There are some very distinct signs to be aware of that you are ready for your kids to go back to school.

white mug of coffee and beans
Your one cup of morning coffee has turned into 3, every hour.
primary colors and finger painting
You ran out of Pinterest crafts to do.
open notebook and school supplies
You were done back to school shopping a week into July.
glass of red wine
Your wine budget has slowly increased over the past few months.
Laundry bin full of clothes
You have ran out of laundry detergent, not once, but twelve times since June.
Bathroom with white toilet, paper holder and bin
Trips to the bathroom have become mini vacations for you.
group of people holding their hands up
You seemed to have unknowingly adopted all of the neighborhood kids.
UPS man with box and clipboard
You have been harassing the mailman to bring your kids schedule already since summer started.
porch with a view of flowers
You have quickly learned to hate summer.
meat and veggies on the grill
There is no food left in the fridge, again.
man peeking through the blinds
You have lost the excitement to make conversation and plans with your neighbors, in fact, you find yourself hiding behind your car to avoid any interaction.
You have ran out of shows to binge watch on Netflix.
Bluetooth Tracker
You no longer get mad when your kids do not come home on time, plus with the help of a bluetooth location tracker, you won’t have to worry either.
kid leaning over the back of a blue school chair
Hearing “I’m bored” and “I’m hungry” are now in sync with your daily routine.
You have gone through six sunscreens, four bottles of bug spray, eight boxes of Band-Aids, and summer isn’t over yet.
four kids at school
You gave up trying to remember the names of their friends that spent every afternoon at your house.
dog laying in the grass with its tongue out
Even your pet is looking forward to some peace and quiet.
You know the second they start school, you’ll already miss the long summer days.

For those who got the chance to enjoy summer and delayed facing the school year until the last moment, shop all your home and classroom necessities now.