Redesigning your Office for the New Year

Now that the holidays and the hectic season are over, we are now in a brand new year where little changes could make a big impact. The offices of the past are long over and modern, collaborative spaces where technology and employee health and wellness are integrated are now favored. If your furniture and office layouts are outdated, you should definitely consider giving your workplace a little TLC. Before redesigning your office, see our outline of what the ideal office will look like in 2016.

Open, Collaborative Spaces

large open office/collaborative workspace
The cubicles and private offices of the past are now considered a fad. Open space layouts and collaborative workspaces are the new standard in office design. Open spaces foster creative ideas and collaboration. Employees are able to connect throughout the day while exchanging thoughts and ideas. This new found office, gives employees a holistic perspective on company operations with the ability to see development across various departments. This collaborative environment also brings employees closer together at group think or brainstorming events.

Integration of Technology

two white boards with some fake calculus
Technology and workplace productivity go hand in hand with developments making it easier to share ideas and presentations within the office. Bring more technology into the office to encourage interdepartmental interaction as well as to increase overall workplace productivity. Adding innovative whiteboards as presentation and collaboration aids make sharing ideas more interactive than ever before. Portable video conferencing technology is a perfect companion for those companies that allow employees to work from home or have clients in different geographic locations. Technology, in general, has been implemented into the workplace to give management and employees greater flexibility in their daily operations.

Color Scheme

man at a desk with a macbook in an orange room

Are your office walls white? If so, add a new and improved color scheme to add some excitement into the office. Here is a list of colors that can invoke some creativity and inspiration into your 2016 workplace.

Green is a calming color that keeps you efficient and energized. This color is also not hard on the eyes!

Blue is another calming color that keeps employees productive and feeling efficient.

Yellow is a perfect color for anyone working in design, marketing, or art that needs some inspiration. Yellow invokes a sense of optimism and fosters creative thinking.

Red is ideal for use in workplaces where physical activity is integrated. Red has been proven to speed up the heart rate and blood flow.

Updated Furnishings

man and woman conversing with a macbook on two benches

With a greater emphasis put on employee health and wellness, the ideal office will have variety of furniture options that are ergonomic and reduce fatigue. From adjustable height workstations to sit-to-stand desks, office furnishings should give employees superior comfort and flexibility. Add loungers in common areas to offer a more comfortable seating position as well as adjustable height task seating in meeting areas. There are tables, desks, and seating options that come with available casters for increased mobility. We recommend adding this option whenever you can to give your workplace more flexibility in configuration with furnishings that are mobile.

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