5 Things You Need to Know When Planning a Company Picnic

May is a prime time for planning summer company picnics. A successful company picnic can boost employee morale by making employees feel appreciated and rewarded. In addition, they can help reduce your employees’ stress and promote team building. Before you plan your company summer picnic, there are a few things you should know.

Select a local venue – it can make traveling to the venue easier for your employees.

If you’re local to the Detroit, Michigan area, I can think of several venues off the top of my head that may be good for a company picnic. There’s Joe Dumars’ Fieldhouse, Wiard’s Orchids, and Belle Isle.

Choose a date/time that works with your employees’ job schedules.

Depending on the demands of your industry, it may not be possible to schedule a picnic on normal business days during typical business hours. To make all your employees feel welcome by giving them the opportunity to attend your company summer picnic, a weekend picnic may work best.

Offer various food and drink selections for employees who are unable to eat certain things.

If you’re working with a caterer, they will help plan your menu but would likely want some ideas from you. Be mindful of employees who have food allergies and offer vegetarian and vegan options. Have extra water bottles on hand for a day that may be especially hot. You can order water and other bottled drinks straight from our online store.

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Friendships in the workplace can increase productivity
and employee retention, according to Forbes. Picnics give employees an opportunity to strengthen relationships.

Organize games that encourage employees to work together and strengthen their relationships. Here’s what we’re thinking:

53 percent of employees would stay at their company longer if they felt more appreciated by their boss. Show your employees you appreciate them by giving out awards and prizes at your company picnic. Visit our promotional products store to purchase trophies and awards to acknowledge employees with, such as these:

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Don’t forget to stock up on your basic picnic supplies such as plates and cutlery. Have a wonderful picnic!