Product Spotlight: Swiss Mountain Coffee

Swiss Mountain Coffee is a favorite here at Global, not only for their great taste but also for their great mission. Through production to consumption, Swiss Mountain Coffee sticks to their motto, “Good for the Consumer, Good for the Farmers, Good for the Environment.”

They have a worldly assortment of coffees including flavors such as “Daterra Sunflower Espresso,” “Sumatra Harimau Tiger,” “Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble,” and “Jamaican Me Crazy.”

Our featured favorites include:

Executive Blend

The Executive Blend is a unique blend of coffee providing body and bold flavor.
Tasting notes – cocoa, creamy – roasted at full medium.

Kaldi Gourmet Blend

The Kaldi Gourmet Blend is a Central and South American coffee blend. It contains coffees that are farm direct, mountain grown and are handpicked.
Tasting Notes – orange cocoa roasted at full medium, walnut, mild lemon – roasted at medium, sweet, orange, clean finish – roasted at medium.


The Bob-O-Link coffee is a rich flavored blend created by FAF, selecting a group of small family farmers from the Mountain Mogiana region: known as one of the best coffee producing regions of Brazil. It is grown at altitudes ranging from 1000-1300 meters above sea level with the varieties of Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Catuai. This coffee is picked selectively and dried naturally.

Tasting Notes – On the nose this coffee has a powerful fruity aroma, reminiscent of berries and banana. In taste, it is complex, with mild citric acidity, creamy consistency, chocolate notes and sweetness like marzipan.

Swiss Mountain Coffee is a Private Label Micro-Roaster. On their website, Swiss Mountain describes their process as being more environmentally friendly and efficient than most roasters:

Specialty grade coffee beans are carefully selected and freshly roasted.  Our handcrafted roasting is done using Diedrich Roasters. We chose these roasters because of their unique combination of a heat exchanger and infrared burners, which produce a clean and extremely controllable roasting environment. These roasters are 50-60% more energy efficient and cleaner burning than other roasters currently on the market. This also allows us to precisely roast our specialty grade coffee beans for optimal taste.

Swiss Mountain Coffee Specialty Grade Coffee Beans

Not only is taste important but also, Swiss Mountain strives to sustainably grow organic coffee beans. They work with a lot of farmers who participate in Direct Trade. Direct Trade is a great opportunity for famers in different countries to sell directly to Swiss Mountain; which allows farmers to pay their workers more, providing a better lifestyle to workers.

Swiss Mountain Mission

Similar to the Swiss Mountain mission, “these farmers are committed to growing the finest beans, in a healthy and chemical-free environment, thereby creating an exceptional product while keeping in harmony with nature and the entire community.”

Swiss Mountain not only supports sustainability and the environment, but they strive to give back to the communities of the many farmers who participate in direct trade around the world. Courtesy of their facebook page, pictured at right is a hospital/clinic, housing, and a school, that Swiss Mountain’s coffee mill in San Vincente donates a percentage of revenue back to.

Swiss Mountain Coffee’s mission is to provide a quality product at an exceptional price, while maintaining sustainability of the environment, farmers, and consumers. They prove to stand by their mission, while providing great coffee with a great taste.

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