Tax Preparation Office Supplies: What You Need to Prepare for Tax Season

Tax Preparation Office Supplies: What You Need to Prepare for Tax Season

Office Supplies to Help You During Tax Season

With tax season underway, office workers are scrambling to prepare their taxes. To handle the tax preparation process, you need a lot of free time, good organization skills, and several important tools. If you don’t have the proper office supplies on standby, it will be difficult to get your taxes out on time.

To make sure tax season goes as smoothly as possible, you should have the following supplies at your disposal.

W-2 & 1099-MISC Forms

A Set of W-2 Forms, Used for Tax Preparation & Filing

If you’re an employer, you need to mail specific tax forms to certain people so they can file their taxes. Among these are W-2 forms, which are used to report deductions for employees to the Social Security Administration. There are also 1099-MISC forms, which will be used for reporting fees and payments made towards non-employees.

Global Office Solutions carries packs of these forms for employers and employees to use. Make sure you pick these up so your partners and employees can file their tax reports.

Folders & Envelopes

A Pair of Double Window Envelops, One is Opened

Organization is crucial when you’re preparing your taxes, so it would be smart to pick up some extra folders as soon as possible. By having different folders, you’ll have an easy way to organize forms for specific partners and businesses. That way, you won’t be at risk of mixing up documents by accident.

With the amount of forms you have to mail in, it would be wise to have a steady supply of envelopes on standby. If you’re looking for recommendations, double window envelopes are great for mailing tax returns. Thanks to their inside tints, the contents inside can’t be tampered with.

Printing Calculator

Printing Calculator In Use, Displaying 123456789012 On Screen

Of course, you’ll need an effective calculator at your side in order to make all the proper calculations. If you’re planning to buy a new calculator for work, a printing calculator would be your best option.

Since there are many calculations to keep track of during tax season, it’s easy to lose track of your work. With a printing calculator, all your work will be printed on paper as you make calculations. Many of these calculators also have memory storage functions that allow them to store data as you work.

With these functions, you won’t have to worry about losing track of your work as you near the finish line.

Calendars & Planners

Planner Book Open, With Closed View Showing Floral Pattern

When you’re filing your taxes, calendars and planners are very helpful to have. There are several deadlines to keep track of, and if you miss a payment you could run into trouble with the IRS.

Having a calendar or planner will make it much easier for you to remember which dates you need to mail your forms in. Just mark down all the important deadlines, and you’ll know exactly what’s coming up each week.

A Safe

Electronic Safe With Keypad & Key Lock for Protection

In order to make deductions on certain payments, you need to hold onto your financial documents. The big issue is that these documents have confidential information on them, so you need a way to keep them secure. If you lose any them, your private data could be exposed to the wrong people.

With a personal safe, you have the means to store these documents. You can use one to store forms, receipts, social security cards, and any other things you need for tax season. Not only will this keep everything protected, it will make it much easier for you to remember where you’ve stored everything.

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