Things We Love About Detroit

Things We Love About Detroit

To most people, Detroit is known as the automotive capital of the world. To us, it’s simply home. Detroit is deep rooted in history and accomplishments that have shaped aspects of American culture. It’s the birthplace of influential music genres, the first radio broadcast and, American industrialist Henry Ford. Known as the “Motor City”, Detroit paved the way for the automotive industry and changed the way mass production was performed. So, whether you know us for being the first city to have a paved road or the potato chip capital of the world, we will always be proud to call Detroit home. Below we have outlined some of the other reasons why we love our city.

Detroit, MI: The City we Love

The Detroit, MI city skyline

The Sports Teams

Hockey player taking the ice

In Detroit we take sports very seriously. It may be because Detroit is only one of 12 cities in the United States to have home teams in the four major North American sports. Comercia Park is the home of our beloved baseball team, The Detroit Tigers. A block away is where the Detroit Lions play at Ford Field. We are known for our avid hockey fans and are nicknamed “Hockeytown” due to our love for the sport and our Red Wings. Last but not least, the Detroit Pistons, complete our great city’s amazing pro sports roster.

Coney Dog

four coney island dogs with mustard, onions, and chili

Did you think the Coney Island hot dog got its start in Coney Island, NY? Nope! The Coney Dog originated right here in Michigan. Since then, the true search for the best hot dog has been on. Detroit natives know a true Coney dog is a beef hot dog, topped with an all meat, beanless chili, diced white onions, and yellow mustard. These simple ingredients combine to make a hotdog irresistible, and uniquely “Detroit.”

Detroit RiverWalk

A sign pointing to the Detroit Riverwalk

The Detroit RiverWalk offers spectacular views along its 3.5-mile route. You can take a stroll while gazing upon the Detroit skyline or take part of the endless recreational opportunities. The trail leads to Milliken State Park, the Renaissance Center and many other different plazas and pocket parks. Through these attractions you will find shopping, dining, lodging and even the custom made Cullen Family Carousel. The RiverWalk is full of things to keep you, your friends and family busy.

The Motown Museum

Headphones placed on a tabletop

This museum pays respect to the Motown music genre and the artists that made it so popular. It was the place where Marvin Gaye and many others created and produced top hits. Here you can learn all about the history of Motown and why it has become so special to Detroit.

The Morely Candy Factory

A closeup picture of assorted candies

Are you looking for a place where you can become a kid again? The Morely Candy Factory is a great place for adults and children to experience candy making magic. It is here where they make delicious Sanders candy and more. They offer a free factory tour that includes the history of the building and of course, lots of free samples!