Be Your Best You: Simple Tips for Getting & Staying Healthy This Year

New year, new you! It’s time for a fresh start. I always try to eat pretty healthy and take good care of myself. I’m no fitness expert, but while on my quest to “be my best me” I learned a few simple things for getting and staying as physically and mentally healthy as my body will allow. I’m not going to lie – it’s not always easy and sometimes I find myself grabbing some “not so good food” when I’m on the run, but the healthier I eat, the better I feel. Here’s some of what I learned on my quest.

I am what I eat. The phrase “you are what you eat” that was supposedly originally said by two smart dudes from the 1800s (Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, a philosopher, and Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, a lawyer and politician), I find just so true. The quote is supposed to refer to general nutrition. Essentially, if you eat junk, you will feel like junk. Whenever I eat my vegetables (that I’m always forcing on my kids) I feel more energized. When I overload on junk food such as potato chips and chocolate, as delicious as they taste, I feel bogged down. This brings to me to first tip that you’ve probably been hearing since you were a child …

Eat more greens! Spinach is really great for an energy boost. It has iron in it, which is a key component of energy production in the body (I read that an one of my wife’s issues of Woman’s Day). Edamame is really good for energy, too.

Define your goals. Do you want to lower your cholesterol? Lose weight? Tone up? Define your get/stay healthy goals so you can start putting processes in place to achieve them.

Stop sitting and start standing. Ergonomic furniture is getting popular and for good reasons. Sit-stand desks are great for circulation and posture.

Keep a food journal. Even if you just keep one for a few weeks, try it out. You’ll be amazed at what you’re eating! By taking a closer look at your diet, you can tweak some of the bad out. I don’t think anyone should completely deprive themselves of some tasty unhealthy indulgences, but I do believe the junk should be eaten in moderation – that is if you want to better your chances of staying healthy!

Take the stairs. Instead of always using an elevator, take the stairs. It’s a fast and free work out on even your busiest of days. And, as noted by, this form of exercise is good for your heart. It can lower your bad cholesterol levels and raise your good ones. went as far as saying that taking the stairs instead of an elevator can add more years to your life. Taking the stairs helps reduce your risk of injury because doing so increases strength and power. In addition to taking the stairs, make sure you exercise often. Experts suggest some people should try for 30 minutes of exercise a day while others may need up to 90 minutes.

Stop drinking soda. I know … it’s so tasty sometimes! But, it’s not good for us. noted: soda increases your blood pressure, destroys your teeth, may lead to diabetes, may lead to heart disease, and more. I’d really love to sell you some for your breakroom but if you want to get and stay healthy, go for water instead, at work and at home.

different vessels containing drinkable water

Yum … refreshing!

Relax. As someone who is always on the go, I learned that’s not always great for stress. Sometimes, you have to take a breather. Break away from your to-do list and just relax, even if for 20 minutes a day.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I hope you can use some of my tips for getting and staying healthy this year and in the years that follow. What are some of your own tips? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!