Why You Should Use Biodegradable Straws at Work

Using Biodegradable Straws Benefits Your Business

If you are looking for an alternative to plastic straws, you might want to consider buying biodegradable straws. These straws easily decompose when you throw them away, so they do not harm the environment or the ocean. They are also made from inexpensive materials, so they are easy to buy in bulk. Continue reading and learn why using biodegradable straws can make your company more eco-friendly.

Straws That Are More Eco-Friendly

The main benefit of using biodegradable straws at work is that it makes your company a lot more eco-friendly. These straws are produced with renewable resources, so by supporting the production of them you are helping to keep garbage out of landfills. Adding to this, fewer carbon emissions are produced during the production of biodegradable straws, so by using them you can cut down air pollution.

Additionally, a lot less energy is consumed when these straws are being produced. Plastic straws require a good amount of energy to produce, and many fossil fuels need to be burned to manufacture them. This is not needed to craft biodegradable straws, so by using them you can promote less energy consumption.

They Are Recyclable & They Break Down Very Quickly

Another benefit of biodegradable straws is that they are recyclable. Many plastic straws produce harmful chemicals when they are burned, so they cannot be traditionally recycled. Biodegradable straws contain no toxins of any kind, so if you want to recycle them you can easily do so.

Adding to this, biodegradable straws are made from materials that are much easier to break down. Most traditional straws take years to break down, thanks to the plastic materials they are made with. Many biodegradable straws are made with inexpensive materials that allow them to break down in only a few months. Even if you toss these straws into the garbage, you will not have to worry about them decomposing in a landfill for decades.

Benefitting Marine Life

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For many scientists, the plastic straw is considered a major threat to life under the ocean. Many discarded straws end up in the ocean, either because the wind blows them out of trash cans or because people leave them alone on the beach for the waves to pick up. Plastic is very dangerous for fish and seagulls, and many of them are killed after ingesting plastic products.

Biodegradable straws do not have this problem, mainly thanks to the renewable materials they are made with. Since the straws are able to decompose quickly, there is a smaller chance for them to end up in the ocean. If you want to protect marine life, you should consider using biodegradable straws in the future.

You Can Save Money Buying Them

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As mentioned previously, biodegradable straws are made from inexpensive materials, including starch-based resins. As a result, these straws are relatively cheap, and are easy to buy in bulk. If you need to save money on straws for the office breakroom, you should consider picking these straws up.

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