Commercial Ice Machines

For many industries, commercial ice machines are essential to their success. In the same way an office coffee service can improve the creative process at work, there are many benefits to having an office water service, complete with an ice machine.

The ice machine is an accessory that enhances your office coffee services and commercial water coolers,
making it a featured component of your workplace.

Ice Machine Features

Depending on the ice machine you choose,
ice machine options include these
COVID safe and popular features:

  • Touchless ice dispensing
  • Advanced Osmosis Water Filtration
  • Plastic coatings that act as a barrier against microbes
  • Eco-friendly features, including Energy Star certification and BPA free
  • In-tank UV Sanitation and Purification

And more.

Commercial Ice Machine for the Office

Commercial Ice Machines
For Every Business

Machine Type

Best Use

Oversized Machines (produce up to 500 lbs. of ice daily)

High volume commercial restaurants, conference space or large corporate offices

Countertop or
Tower Machines

Office breakrooms, small meeting spaces or staff kitchens

Undercounter Ice Machines

Low to moderate volume cafeterias or cafes

Touchless Ice Machines High volume businesses that want to reduce risks associated with contamination

Global’s range of commercial ice machines can fit into any office routine.