Barriers And Dividers

While businesses continue to reopen and adjust to operating with the presence of COVID-19, employees and customers are counting on the owners and operators to keep them safe. You might need a total office redesign to accomplish this, or it might be as simple as installing a variety of barriers and dividers to high-risk area.


Our selection of countertop, desk, classroom, and hanging barriers will help to protect them from COVID-19, cold & flu exposure. If you need more than a few office products to protect your staff, we also offer a wide range of PPE products for essential workers and safety equipment.

man closing privacy screen

Cubicle Screens

Cubicles already have the advantage of being slightly sectioned off, but the openings leave employees at risk. Use a screen to close off the cubicle, providing additional privacy and protection for each desk. Wheeled or sliding screens give added mobility, making it easy for individuals to come and go from their workspace as needed. This is also a time to be creative, using items that can double up as a communication tool, such as large dry erase boards that can be wheeled in front of a cubicle.

Classroom Barriers

Schools can feel like an especially challenging place to protect those inside, but there are products to make them safer. Classroom barriers offer clear and durable protection that block respiratory droplets and simultaneously allow teachers to observe students and their work. Choose between fixed, one-size models (for more traditional desks) or others with a flexible edge that can easily be customized.

children in class raising hands with barriers on desks
woman at cashier behind clear screen

Countertop and Mounted Safety Barriers

These plastic safety barriers prevent respiratory droplets from contaminating the person on the other side. For public-facing employees who must converse with others throughout the workday, this makes a huge difference. Mounted barriers can be screwed together and combined to make an extended shield as needed. They’re also easy to clean in between customers, keeping the area safe and sanitary for everyone.

Hanging Safety Dividers

Use dividers to provide areas where it is safe for employees to converse and interact with one another. This plastic shield will help to block droplets from reaching the other side, preventing exposure to COVID-19 or other viruses. Hanging dividers can be mounted anywhere with a ceiling, making them easy to place anywhere within your office.

pharmacist behind clear barier
clear boundary around desk

Privacy & Wellness Panels

For open floor plan offices or larger desktops, wellness panels can be added to create cubicle-style spaces on any table or flat surface. In addition to clear acrylic, the panels also come in frosted or white styles for extra privacy.

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