School & Classroom Reconfigurations

The local community has always been important to us here at Global Office Solutions. So when COVID-19 shut down our schools, we knew we had to help. We’ve been hard at work in the months since assisting school districts and municipalities with their classroom reconfigurations.


As we eagerly await in-person returns to school and leaving the home office in 2021, we can help your schools too.


What does your current classroom set up look like? And is it ready for a safer, post-COVID learning experience?


Let our experienced staff guide you through the answers to these questions with practical and safe classroom reconfigurations.

Desk Shields for Students

Desk shields are an easy and safe way to protect students sitting at individual desks. They are adjustable, fold at the sides and can be cleaned with a simple disinfectant wipe.


Global has desk shields in a variety of sizes and shapes to account for the different furniture in every school. Don’t see one that works? We’re happy to create custom desk shields that better fit your classroom needs

desk shields

School & Classroom Reconfigurations For Social Distancing

Reconfiguring schools and classrooms can be done quickly & easily with the help of these educational & classroom supplies and services:


boy with bags of letters
Jonti-Craft Single Stack 4-Section Student Lockers
Lorell 16" Seat-height Stacking Student Chairs
Jonti-Craft Rainbow Accents Paper Cubbie Mobile Storage

We’re here to help with whatever it takes to get our schools back up and running.

Let us take care of the supplies so you can focus on the important work of getting teachers & students back to school safely.