Protect Businesses From COVID-19 With Electrostatic Sprayers

Running a business is no longer just about sales and services. You also need to be an expert in the latest health and safety guidelines. We’ve watched businesses, schools, and religious spaces ramp up their cleaning protocols and work tirelessly to keep employees and the public safe.


Protecting those around us from virus transmission and exposure is exhausting work. That’s why we’re always looking for tools to make it easier for you.


These recently added electrostatic sprayers are cost effective, simple to use solutions for disinfecting surfaces. Instead of fumbling with wipes, lugging around buckets of disinfectants and asking staff to touch contaminated surfaces, electrostatic sprayers do all of the work for you.

Not only that, but electrostatic sprayers:


  • Clean contaminated surfaces without needing to touch them.
  • Coat the front AND back of surfaces (perfect for getting the nooks and crannies behind handles, doorknobs, faucets or any harder to reach areas).
  • Are practical! They are inexpensive and easy to operate.


We see you working around the clock to support our community. That’s why Global is here to support YOU. Whether it’s with electrostatic sprayers or the latest in personal protective equipment, we will continue to offer new products and update our COVID-19 solutions and resources to meet your needs.

What Is An Electrostatic Sprayer?

Electrostatic sprayers work by adding a small charge to a liquid particle – in this case, the liquid cleaner. This charge repels the droplets from one another and attracts them to conductive surfaces. The liquid fans out (this is the spray) and attaches to any nearby surface (whatever you’re trying to clean!).

CV disinfectant fogging process
spraying electrostatic sprayer on table

How Do You Use An Electrostatic Sprayer?

Using an electrostatic sprayer is as simple as:


  • Filling the cannisters or tanks with non-flammable cleaning products
  • Pairing with a fact acting disinfectant for quick results (ideal for public spaces where you need to close and re-open as quickly as possible)
  • Attaching wands or sprayers if using
  • Pointing at an un-cleaned surface and turning on!

Electrostatic backpack sprayers

Aside from having that Ghostbuster’s vibe, the electrostatic backpack sprayer is a useful and practical tool for larger areas. The backpack component makes it easy to strap in and cover more ground than if you were dragging a bulky bucket around.

  • Turbosprayer increases spray power and reach
  • 4 Gallon tank
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Attachable wand

Atomizer: Handheld Electrostatic Sprayer

The handheld electrostatic sprayers are perfect for keeping at the front desk, tucked into a bathroom closet or spraying down private rooms between visits. With its small size and light weight, the handheld electrostatic sprayer can easily be stashed away and used frequently, perfect for spaces that have the public in and out often.

  • Screw on/Screw off refillable cleaning canister
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts 2.5 hours with full charge
  • Easy to use off/on trigger
  • Light and compact

Cleaning supplies are flying off the shelves as you work to protect your business. In the meantime, we’re doing our best to stay stocked and available to meet all your COVID-19 needs. Electrostatic sprayers offer an easy to use, affordable option to help combat the spread of the pandemic in your business in beyond.

Want to know more about ramping up your COVID-19 cleaning protocol?

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