Stop COVID-19 With FDA Approved Sanitizers & Dispensers

In the frantic months after COVID-19 hit the US, people panicked. Sanitizers and disinfectants flew off the shelves regardless of what was in them or if they even worked. Fear drove us as we blindly purchased anything that we thought might help.

Many of us made mistakes, including:

  • ✖ Choosing sanitizers that might contain toxic or harmful chemicals
  • ✖ Using sanitizers that were not officially approved by a government organization

The COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading across the country but now, we know more about how to stop it. Using these FDA approved disinfectants and sanitizers in stands, stations, dispensers and individual bottles helps to protect your entire team from COVID-19 and other virus transmissions.

Sanitizing Stands & Stations

Protecting employees and customers begins as soon as they enter your business. Set up sanitizing stands and stations throughout your office, beginning right inside the front door and continuing throughout the space. Place them outside heavily used areas, such as bathrooms and breakrooms, to encourage everyone who passes through to stay safe and sanitize regularly.

Our stand-up sanitizer stations are:

  • American made
  • Contactless and battery operated (no push bar that can easily be contaminated)
  • Easy to assemble
man on macbook using sanitizer

Individual Hand Sanitizers

Safety starts with each individual, whether they’re at home, commuting or working in an office. Prepare your employees with personal hand sanitizers for their desks, bags and lunch breaks.

  • The Perfect Sanitizer For

    • Lunch Breaks comes in Disposable Wipes
    • The Commute comes in Pocket-sized Bottles
    • Desktop comes in Refillable bottles 

Keep Employees Safe On Lunch breaks

Disposable sanitizing wipes can easily be tucked into a pocket or bag and whipped out whenever an employee darts out of the office for lunch breaks. A box near the front desk or in the break room will help to remind them to grab a disposable sanitizer wipe before they reach for door handles or a microwave door, reducing the chances of transmission.

Encourage A Safer Commute

One of the biggest reasons for the rapid spread of COVID-19 is that it’s extremely contagious. Your employees are walking risks every time they commute to and from the office. Prepare them for when they inevitably touch a shared train railing, gas pump or bus seat with a travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer.

Sanitary Desktops

In addition to keeping cleaning and janitorial supplies handy for disinfecting computer keyboards, phones and mouses, provide refillable hand sanitizer bottles on the desks of each employee to serves a reminder to sanitizer regularly.

Wypsol Alcohol Wipes

  • EnviroCare Safe for killing germs on surfaces
  • 80% Alcohol solution for use on hands and surfaces.

At Global, we’re working non-stop to keep sanitizers stocked and ready for all our local Detroit, MI businesses. But amid a pandemic, we know that’s not enough. That’s why we’re offering mitigation and disinfecting services, a variety of PPE, and other COVID-19 solutions to help keep our community safe.

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