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Businesses are always looking for ways to improve employee’s safety and well-being while they are in the workplace. It’s never an easy task to keep everyone happy and healthy, but now with COIVD-19, it’s more challenging than ever.

If this feels like a huge responsibility, know that there are tools and resources available to help you in protecting employees, including:


COVID-19 signage is the easiest and fastest way to alert everyone in the workplace to the current guidelines and policies. As new information becomes available and policies change, signs can easily be re-formatted, printed and replaced to update employees as needed.

sign displays and easels

Sign Displays & Easels

Prop signs on an adjustable easel for easy relocation or mount them to the walls behind a glass dry-erase board. By properly displaying signs throughout the office, you can decrease social interactions and limit the potential transmission of COVID-19 or other viruses between employees and customers.


If you need to print signs en mass or anticipate having to replace them frequently, laminating them is a more affordable alternative to purchasing a display case or easel for each individual sign. In addition to protecting your COVID-19 signage, laminating paper signs also makes them cleanable, a common concern for employees.

lamination machine

Floor Decals

Floor decals provide additional reminders to customers and employees about social distancing rules in your business. These personal spacing disks can be used to form lines or structure communal spaces to encourage visitors to follow social distancing guidelines.

Tabletop Displays

Unfold a tabletop display before meetings or in the office breakroom to remind visitors of COVID-19 safety precautions. Include simple imagery of hand washing, for example, as a minimalistic way to keep others aware of current regulations.


Businesses in our Detroit, MI community are in unchartered territory. No one knows how to operate in a pandemic, but we’re here to help your business stock products and supplies that will make the workplace safe and welcoming during these unprecedented times.

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