Safe Workspace Reconfigurations That Decrease COVID-19 Risk

After months of makeshift work from home offices and dropped conference calls, you’re finally able to bring the team back to work. The idea of being back together is exciting, but for many employees who fear exposing their families at home, it can also be scary.


Staff will be looking to business owners and leaders in the workplace to guide them through safely re-entering the workplace.

For many businesses, workspace reconfigurations will be the first step to creating a safer work environment for customers and employees.


Do you…

  • Have an open concept office layout?
  • Work directly with the public?


Reconfiguring your office does not mean completely letting go of this collaboration space! We’re here to help think through creative solutions that will allow you to foster connection in the workplace while also limiting contact between employees.


In addition to installing barriers & dividers and setting up virus disinfecting and mitigation services, reconfiguring the workplace can decrease COVID-19, cold & flu risk.

Workspace Reconfigurations Should Focus On:


      • Break Rooms – Breakrooms have always been hotspots for bacteria. Now, it’s more important than ever to keep them disinfected & properly arranged.
      • Conference Rooms – Circulate air in conference rooms with windows, install new air filters and consider technology that enables remote meetings as much as possible.
      • Common Space – This can be anything from collaborative, shared desk space to a hallway. Consider ways to open up the space, encourage one-way directions for hallways and turn one collaborative table into a multi-desk space lined with protective barriers.

Workplace Reconfiguration Trends

Workplace reconfigurations are happening all over the Detroit metro area. We’ve noted the trends and compiled them below. Here are some of the “must haves” to keep your space safe

lorell whiteboard

Barriers & Dividers

Installing panels, dividers or using barriers to add height to desks and workspaces, blocking respiratory droplets that could be harboring COVID-19. Whiteboards double up as a mobile communication tool and protective barrier.

man buying movie tickets

Sanitizing Stations

Place sanitizing stations in each entrance and bathroom doorway to add another layer of protection into your workplace.

It’s time to get back to work. Global Office Solutions is here to make that transition as easy as possible for our local Detroit, MI community.


We provided furniture consultations and office interior design for local businesses long before COVID-19, and we’ll be doing it for a long time after. You can trust us to create an office reconfiguration that protects your employees and customers, and keeps your doors open.

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