Sanitize & Disinfect For A Safer Work Environment

Go above and beyond traditional cleaning methods with enhanced sanitizing & disinfecting services from Global.


Our services utilize the latest technology to make cleaning more efficient and more effective.


From harnessing UV-C lighting to mobile disinfection units, Global’s sterilization and disinfection services have options for every workplace in any industry.

A rendering of UV-C sterilizer, Viral Light, cleaning a laptop

UV-C Sterilization

We use hospital-grade equipment that emits UV-C rays to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and other airborne diseases.

Air Protection & Cleaning

Airborne bacteria and viruses are unable to be destroyed by conventional cleaning processes. OMNI’s SPIRO air unit provides a sanitizing and disinfecting solution for airborne germs using UVGI to kill microorganisms.

OMNI Solutions air protection cleaning unit
OMNI mobile surface disinfection unit

Mobile Surface Disinfection

OMNI Shield & Aura systems both disinfect surfaces (killing off viruses and bacteria) and prevent bacteria from growing back.

Fast Acting Disinfectant

OMNI ShurGuard is a virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide and sanitizer that kills viruses in just one minute.


Create A Safe Environment With Global