Water Coolers For The Workplace

Staying hydrated has several important health benefits, but did you know it also impacts the way we work? Getting dehydrated can make employees fatigued, irritable and lose focus. In fact, just a 1% drop in hydration could lead to a 12% loss in productivity.

From water coolers to commercial ice machines, Global has services to fill all your workplace water needs. Make it easy for employees to stay hydrated and alert throughout the workday by providing them with more than a coffee service in the breakroom. Water coolers are a key component to helping employees to stay healthy and productive in the workplace.

Water Cooler Features

Global sources top of the line water coolers that work to keep water clean and cold (or hot) throughout the workday. Our premium features include COVID safe and traditional options:

  • Water Dispensers with Filters
  • In-tank UV Sanitization
  • Combination Water Coolers with Commercial Ice Machines
  • Antimicrobial Plastic Coatings
  • Touchless Sensors for dispensing Water and Ice

And more.

Showcasing the filtration process used by Global water coolers
Water Logic Water Coolers

Complete your office perks with the latest in water cooler filtration and design.